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More Math into LaTeX: 4th Edition
George Grätzer, University of Manitoba, Canada
A publication of Springer Verlag.
2007; 650 pp; softcover
ISBN-10: 0-387-32289-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-387-32289-6
List Price: US$50
Member Price: US$40
Order Code: MMLTEX
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For close to two decades, Math into LaTeX has been the standard introduction and complete reference for writing articles and books containing mathematical formulas. In this fourth edition, the reader is provided with important updates on articles and books. An important new topic is discussed: transparencies (computer projections).

Key features of More Math into LaTeX, 4th edition:

  • Installation instructions for PC and Mac users
  • An example-based, visual approach and a gentle introduction with the Short Course
  • A detailed exposition of multiline math formulas with a Visual Guide
  • A unified approach to TeX, LaTeX, and the AMS enhancements
  • A quick introduction to creating presentations with computer projections

Published by Springer Verlag. Distributed by the American Mathematical Society.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in LaTeX.

Table of Contents

Part I
  • Typing your first article
Part II
  • Text and math
  • Typing text
  • Text environments
  • Typing math
  • Multiline math displays
Part III
  • Document structure
  • LaTeX documents
  • Standard LaTeX document classes
  • AMS documents
Part IV
  • Presentations and pdf files
  • Simple presentations
  • Presentations on steroids
  • Hyperlinks and pdf files
Part V
  • Customization
  • Customizing LaTeX
Part VI
  • Long documents
  • BibTeX
  • MakeIndex
  • amsrefs
  • Books in LaTeX
  • Appendix A. Math symbol tables
  • Appendix B. Text symbol tables
  • Appendix C. Background
  • Appendix D. TeX on the Web
  • Appendix E. PostScript fonts
  • Appendix F. LaTeX localized
  • Appendix G. A book document class
  • Appendix H. Final word
  • Bibliography
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