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Proceedings of the Conference on Banach Algebras and Several Complex Variables
Edited by: F. Greenleaf and D Gulick

Contemporary Mathematics
1985; 295 pp; softcover
Volume: 32
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5034-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5034-3
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These proceedings result from a conference on Banach Algebras and Several Complex Variables held June 21-24, 1983, to honor Professor Charles E. Rickart upon his retirement from Yale University. Articles present recent advances in a wide spectrum of topics related to Banach algebras, function algebras and infinite dimensional holomorphy, areas where Professor Rickart has made important contributions. From a research point of view, the articles of J. Esterle and B. Kramm are of special interest.

Although the topics in this volume are diverse, a general knowledge of fundamental notions appearing in Banach algebra theory will suffice for understanding most articles.

Table of Contents

  • H. Alexander -- Capacities in \(C^n\)
  • G. Allan -- Holomorphic left-inverse functions
  • B. Aupetit -- Geometry of pseudoconvex open sets and distribution of values of analytic multivalued functions
  • J. Bachar -- Some results on range transformations between function spaces
  • W. Bade -- Recent results in the ideal theory of radical convolution algebras
  • W. Bade and P. Curtis -- Module derivations from commutative Banach algebras
  • F. Bonsall -- Criteria for boundedness and compactness of Hankel operators
  • H. Dales -- Algebra and topology in Banach algebras
  • J. Esterle -- Mittag-Leffler methods in the theory of Banach algebras and a new approach to Michael's problem
  • I. Glicksberg -- Orthogonal and representing measures
  • B. Kramm -- Nuclearity (resp. Schwartzity) helps to embed holomorphic structure into spectra
  • D. Kumagai -- Maximum modulus algebras and multi-dimensional analytic structure
  • K. Laursen -- Central factorization in \(C^*\)-algebras and its use in automatic continuity
  • J. McClure -- Nonstandard ideals and approximations in primary weighted \(\ell^1\)-algebras
  • A. O'Farrell, K. Preskenis, and D. Walsh -- Holomorphic approximation in Lipschitz norms
  • M. Rajagopalan and P. Ramakrishnan -- Uses of \(\beta S\) in invariant means and extremely left amenable semigroups
  • R. Rochberg -- Deformation theory for uniform algebras: An introduction
  • W. Rudin -- Nevanlinna's interpolation theorem revisited
  • S. Sakai -- Unbounded derivations in \(C^*\)-algebras and statistical mechanics
  • D. Sarason -- Remotely almost periodic functions
  • Z. Slodkowski -- Analytic multifunctions, \(q\)-plurisubharmonic functions and uniform algebras
  • E. Stout -- Algebraic domains in Stein manifolds
  • J. Wada -- Sets of best approximations to elements in certain function spaces
  • J. Wermer -- Green's functions and polynomial hulls
  • B. Yood -- Continuous homomorphisms and derivations on Banach algebras
  • W. Zame -- The maximal ideal space of a commutative Banach algebra
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