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Conference on Modern Analysis and Probability
Edited by: Richard Beals, Anatole Beck, Alexandra Bellow, and Arshag Hajian

Contemporary Mathematics
1984; 432 pp; softcover
Volume: 26
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted 1991
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5030-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5030-5
List Price: US$60
Member Price: US$48
Order Code: CONM/26
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An NSF-supported conference in honor of Professor Shizuo Kakutani was held on June 8-11, 1982, at Yale University, on the occasion of Kakutani's retirement. The three major areas of mathematics on which the conference focused were functional analysis, probability theory, and ergodic theory. Most of the articles presented were works by the respective authors on problems that were pioneered by Professor Kakutani in the past. Questions in Brownian motion, induced transformations, representation of \(M\)-spaces, and fixed point theorems were discussed.

Table of Contents

  • R. L. Adler and L. Flatto -- Cross section map for the geodesic flow on the modular surface
  • M. A. Akcoglu and L. Sucheston -- On identification of superadditive ergodic limits
  • J. R. Baxter and R. V. Chacon -- The equivalence of diffusions on networks to Brownian motion
  • A. Bellow and V. Losert -- On sequences of density zero in ergodic theory
  • J. van den Berg and M. Keane -- On the continuity of the percolation probability function
  • F. E. Browder -- Coincidence theorems, minimax theorems, and variational inequalities
  • J. R. Choksi -- Recent developments arising out of Kakutani's work on completion regularity of measure
  • J. R. Choksi and S. J. Eigen -- An automorphism of a homogeneous measure algebra which does not factorize into a direct product
  • D. I. A. Cohen -- Another generalization of the Brouwer fixed point theorem
  • Y. N. Dowker -- An ergodic theorem
  • N. A. Friedman -- Higher order partial mixing
  • H. Furstenberg -- \(IP\)-systems in ergodic theory
  • A. Hajian and Y. Ito -- Induced transformations on a section
  • E. Hewitt -- Conjugate Fourier series on the character group of the additive rationals
  • K. Itô -- A stochastic differential equation in infinite dimensions
  • K. Jacobs -- Ergodic theory and combinatorics
  • W. B. Johnson and J. Lindenstrauss -- Extensions of Lipschitz mappings into a Hilbert space
  • R. R. Kallman -- A uniqueness result for a class of compact connected groups
  • L. A. Karlovitz -- Two extremal properties of functions
  • R. Kaufman -- On Bernoulli convolutions
  • H. B. Keynes and M. G. Nerurkar -- Generic theorems for lifting dynamical properties by continuous affine cocyles
  • B. Kitchens -- Linear algebra and subshifts of finite type
  • A. Lo Bello -- The etymology of the word ergodic
  • P. A. Loeb -- A functional approach to nonstandard measure theory
  • D. Maharam -- On positive operators
  • B. Marcus, K. Petersen, and S. Williams -- Transmission rates and factors of Markov chains
  • I. Namioka -- Ellis groups and compact right topological groups
  • W. Parry and K. Schmidt -- Invariants of finitary isomorphisms with finite expected code-lengths
  • M. Ratner -- Ergodic theory in hyperbolic space
  • H. P. Rosenthal -- Embedding of \(L^1\) in \(L^1\)
  • D. J. Rudolph -- Inner and barely linear time changes of ergodic \(R^k\)-actions
  • M. J. Sharpe -- Processes evolving from the indefinite past
  • E. G. F. Thomas -- An infinitesimal characterization of Gelfand pairs
  • N. Tongring -- Multiple points of Brownian motion
  • B. Weiss -- Measurable dynamics
  • K. Yosida and S. Matsuura -- A note on Mikusiński's proof of the Titchmarsh convolution theorem
  • R. J. Zimmer -- Ergodic actions of arithmetic groups and the Kakutani-Markov fixed point theorem
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