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Advances in Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics
Edited by: Eric Carlen, Evans M. Harrell, and Michael Loss, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Contemporary Mathematics
1998; 221 pp; softcover
Volume: 217
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0861-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0861-0
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This volume consists of selected contributions from the "Georgia Institute of Technology-UAB International Conference on Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics". The book offers a combination of certain emerging topics and important research advances in this active area. The topics range widely and include magnetic Schrödinger operators, the Boltzmann equations, nonlinear variational problems, and noncommutative probability theory. Some articles were included for their aesthetic value and others to present an overview. All articles were reviewed for scientific content and readability. The text is suitable for graduate and advanced graduate courses and seminars on the topic.


Graduate students, research mathematicians and physicists working in mathematical physics, applied mathematics, analysis, and differential equations.

Table of Contents

  • R. D. Benguria and M. C. Depassier -- A variational method for nonlinear eigenvalue problems
  • J. Fleckinger-Pellé and P. Takáč -- Maximum and anti-maximum principles for some elliptic problems
  • M. Hoffmann-Ostenhof, T. Hoffmann-Ostenhof, and N. Nadirashvili -- On the nodal line conjecture
  • K. Yajima -- On fundamental solution of time dependent Schrödinger equations
  • P. Exner -- Laterally coupled quantum waveguides
  • A. Kupiainen -- Some mathematical problems in passive advection
  • E. H. Lieb -- Stability and instability of relativistic electrons in classical electromagnetic fields
  • R. Brummelhuis and M. B. Ruskai -- A simple one-dimensional model for atoms in strong magnetic fields
  • G. Zhislin and S. Vugal'ter -- Geometric methods for many-particle Hamiltonians with magnetic fields
  • L. Erdős and H.-T. Yau -- Linear Boltzmann equation as scaling limit of quantum Lorentz gas
  • S. Molchanov -- Multiscattering on sparse bumps
  • A. Ya. Gordon -- Purely continuous spectrum for generic almost-periodic potential
  • J. M. Combes, P. D. Hislop, and E. Mourre -- Correlated Wegner inequalities for random Schrödinger operators
  • D. Petz and F. Hiai -- Logarithmic energy as an entropy functional
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