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Festschrift in Honor of I. I. Piatetski-Shapiro, Part 2
Edited by: S. Gelbart, R. Howe, and P. Sarnak
A publication of Bar-Ilan University.
Israel Mathematical Conference Proceedings
1990; 339 pp; softcover
Volume: 3
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted 1992
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A publication of the Bar-Ilan University. Distributed worldwide by the AMS.

Table of Contents

Papers in Analysis, Number Theory and Automorphic \(L\)-Functions
  • J. Bourgain -- The Riesz-Raikov theorem for algebraic numbers
  • D. Bump and S. Friedberg -- The exterior square automorphic \(L\)-functions on \(GL(n)\)
  • J. Igusa -- A problem on certain \(p\)-adic zeta-functions
  • S. S. Kudla and S. Rallis -- Poles of Eisenstein series and \(L\)-functions
  • R. P. Langlands -- Rank-one residues of Eisenstein series
  • G. A. Margulis -- Orbits of group actions and values of quadratic forms at integral points
  • V. Milman -- Spectrum of a position of a convex body and linear duality relations
  • S. J. Patterson -- On Ruelle's zeta-function
  • I. Piatetski-Shapiro -- The converse theorem for \(GL(n)\)
  • G. Pisier -- Factorization of operator valued analytic functions and complex interpolation
  • K. A. Ribet -- Multiplicities of Galois representations in Jacobians of Shimura curves
  • P. Sarnak -- On cusp forms II
  • A. Selberg -- Remarks on the distribution of poles of Eisenstein series
  • F. Shahidi -- On multiplicity of local factors
  • D. Soudry -- Automorphic forms in \(\mathrm{GSp}(4)\)
  • N. R. Wallach and R. Miatello -- Kuznetsov formulas for products of groups of \(R\)-rank one
  • D. Zagier -- Hecke operators and periods of modular forms
  • List of contributors, with addresses
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