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Advances in Switching Networks
Edited by: Ding-Zhu Du, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, and Frank K. Hwang, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
A co-publication of the AMS and DIMACS.

DIMACS: Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
1998; 333 pp; hardcover
Volume: 42
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0831-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0831-3
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The articles collected in this book were presented at the DIMACS Workshop on Network Switching, held in July 1997 at Princeton University. These papers cover a variety of issues related to network switching, including network environment, routing, network topology, switching components, nonblockingness, and optimization.

Co-published with the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science beginning with Volume 8. Volumes 1-7 were co-published with the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM).


Research mathematicians and graduate students interested in discrete math and graph theory; computer scientists; electronic engineers.

Table of Contents

  • N. Pippenger -- Average-case bounds for the complexity of path-search
  • G. W. Richards and F. K. Hwang -- Extended generalized shuffle networks: Sufficient conditions for strictly nonblocking operation
  • C.-F. Chan and C.-T. Lea -- Constructing nonblocking multicast switching networks with fanout reduction
  • D. S. Kim and D.-Z. Du -- Multirate broadcast switching networks nonblocking in a wide sense
  • A. Jajszczyk and M. Kubale -- Repackable networks-The concept and applications
  • Y. Yang and N. H. Kessler -- Modeling the blocking behavior of Clos networks
  • J. D. Carpinelli and C. B. Wang -- Performance of a new decomposition algorithm for rearrangeable fault-tolerant Clos interconnection networks under sub-maximal and no-fault conditions
  • I. Busi and A. Pattavina -- Non-blocking multistage interconnection networks with limited depth
  • M. D. McIlroy and J. P. Savicki -- Isomorphism of classical rearrangeable networks
  • G. J. Chang, F. K. Hwang, and L.-D. Tong -- Characterizing bit permutation networks
  • E. Gündüzhan and A. Y. Oruç -- Structure and density of sparse crossbar concentrators
  • T. T. Lee and P. P. To -- Non-blocking routing properties of Clos networks
  • S.-Y. R. Li, G. M. Koo, and H. Li -- An algorithm for the construction of concentrators from 2 x 2 sorters
  • Y. Du and G. M. Masson -- Strictly nonblocking conferencing meshes
  • E. S. Elmallah and C.-H. Lam -- An \(O(N^{1.695})\) permutation routing algorithm on augmented data manipulators
  • H. Çam -- Preventing conflicts in input buffering baseline-based ATM switches
  • D. Huang and K. Kiasaleh -- Routing strategy and performance evaluation of multiple-ring ShuffleNet topology for high speed wavelength-division multiplexed optical communications
  • J. Gu, B. Du, D. H. K. Tsang, and W. Wang -- Multispace search for quorumcast routing
  • G.-H. Lin, D.-Z. Du, W. Wu, and K. Yoo -- On 3-rate rearrangeability of Clos networks
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