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Thirteen Papers in Algebra
I. G. Dmitriev, S. Kh. Darbinyan, A. V. Kostochka, O. G. Rudenskaya, T. M. Zuparov, V. V. Iliev, D. A. Leĭtes, V. Ya. Golodets, N. I. Nessonov, I. S. Bezverkhnyaya, V. A. Grinblat, N. A. Vavilov, and A. L. Vishnevetskiĭ

American Mathematical Society Translations--Series 2
1986; 104 pp; hardcover
Volume: 132
ISBN-10: 0-8218-3107-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3107-6
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Member Price: US$53.60
Order Code: TRANS2/132
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The topics in this collection range over several diverse areas, such as graph theory, continued fractions, complex manifolds, and group theory.

Table of Contents

  • I. G. Dmitriev -- Characterization of the class of \(k\)-trees
  • S. Kh. Darbinyan -- Directed cycles of any length in digraphs with large semidegrees
  • A. V. Kostochka -- On the minimum of the Hadwiger number for graphs with a given mean degree of vertices
  • O. G. Rudenskaya -- An upper bound on the number of edges of a hypergraph with a given diameter
  • T. M. Zuparov -- On a theorem from the metric theory of continued fractions
  • V. V. Iliev -- Surfaces with \(p_g=3\) and \(K^2=3\). Part I
  • V. V. Iliev -- Surfaces with \(p_g=3\) and \(K^2=3\). Part II
  • D. A. Leĭtes -- A formula for the characters of irreducible finite-dimensional representations of Lie superalgebras of series \(C\)
  • V. Ya. Golodets and N. I. Nessonov -- Free groups, the \(T\)-property, and \(II_1\)-factors with different countable fundamental groups
  • I. S. Bezverkhnyaya -- On the conjugacy of finite sets of subgroups in a free product of groups
  • V. A. Grinblat -- On normalizers of Artin groups
  • A. L. Vishnevetskiĭ -- Groups of class \(2\) and exponent \(p\) with commutator subgroup of order \(p^2\)
  • N. A. Vavilov -- Subgroups of the full linear group over a ring which contain a group of block triangular matrices
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