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Stefan Banach: Remarkable Life, Brilliant Mathematics
Edited by: Emilia Jakimowicz, Gdańsk University, Gdańsk-Oliwa, Poland, and Adam Miranowicz, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland
A publication of Gdańsk University Press.
2010; 186 pp; hardcover
ISBN-10: 83-7326-451-5
ISBN-13: 978-83-7326-451-9
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This meticulously researched and detailed account of the life of the Polish mathematician Stefan Banach presents previously unknown facts that shed new light on his accomplishments and chronicles the many dramatic events of his life.

A self-taught prodigy and one of the great scientists of the twentieth century, Banach established modern functional analysis, an entirely new branch of mathematics with important applications. He also helped to develop the theory of topological vector spaces. Such notions as Banach space, Banach algebra, Banach manifold, Banach measure, Banach integral, Banach limit, and Banach bundle are widely used in today's mathematics.

The authors interviewed Banach's living family members, former students and acquaintances, unearthed old documents and records, and collected previously unpublished letters and photographs to compile this biography. They also added a concise overview of his pioneering work. Their research was motivated by a desire to provide an accurate and authoritative account of the life and achievements of one of Poland's most famous and celebrated mathematicians.

A publication of Gdańsk University Press. Distributed non-exclusively worldwide by the American Mathematical Society.


Readers interested in the history of Stefan Banach.

Table of Contents

  • A remarkable life (by Emilia Jakimowicz)
  • Letters
  • Recollections
  • Stefan Banach in the light of archives (by Stanisław Domoradzki, Zofia Pawlikowska-Brożek, and Mikhailo Zarichny)
  • Banach's opus scientificus (by Julian Musielak)
  • Stefan Banach and Lvov Mathematical School (by Krzysztof Ciesielski and Zdzislaw Pogoda)
  • The Scottish Book (by Marek Kordos)
  • The New Scottish Book (by Roman Duda)
  • Selected bibliography in English and French
  • Selected bibliography in Polish
  • Biographical notes
  • List of illustrations
  • Index of names
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