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Treatise on the Line Complex
C. M. Jessop

AMS Chelsea Publishing
1969; 379 pp; softcover
Volume: 223
ISBN-10: 0-8218-2913-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-2913-4
List Price: US$48
Member Price: US$43.20
Order Code: CHEL/223.S
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From the Preface by C.M. Jessop:

"The important character of the extensive investigations into the theory of line-geometry renders it desirable that a treatise should exist for the purpose of presenting these investigations in a form easily accessible to the English student of mathematics. With this end in view, the present work on the Line Complex has been written."



"The best introduction to the subject."

-- Virgil Snyder

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Systems of coordinates
  • The linear complex
  • Synthesis of the linear complex
  • Systems of linear complexes
  • Ruled cubic and quartic surfaces
  • The quadratic complex
  • Special varieties of the quadratic complex
  • The cosingular complexes
  • Polar lines, points, and planes
  • Representation of a complex by points of space
  • The general equation of the second degree
  • Connexion of line-geometry with sphere-geometry
  • Connexion of line-geometry with hypergeometry
  • Congruences of lines
  • Congruences of the second order without singular curves
  • The congruence of the second order and second class
  • The general complex
  • Differential equations connected with the line complex
  • Miscellaneous results and exercises
  • Index
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