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Thirteen Papers in Algebra, Functional Analysis, Topology, and Probability Translated from the Russian
V. S. Afraĭmovich, Ya. G. Berkovich, V. Z. Grines, L. G. Khanir, I. Ya. Novikov, B. M. Pogrebinskiĭ, V. V. Sharko, V. P. Shchedrik, L. P. Shil'nikov, O. P. Skachkova, V. A. Tolokonnikov, N. A. Vavilov, and B. I. Zil'ber

American Mathematical Society Translations--Series 2
1991; 220 pp; hardcover
Volume: 149
ISBN-10: 0-8218-3137-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3137-3
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Order Code: TRANS2/149
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This collection of papers ranges over several areas of research, including matrix theory, group theory, functional analysis, Morse theory, global analysis, and probability theory.

Table of Contents

  • B. I. Zil'ber -- Groups and rings whose theory is categorical
  • V. P. Shchedrik -- On the separation of a real linear monic factor from a matrix polynomial
  • Ya. G. Berkovich -- Subgroups of symmetric and alternating groups
  • Ya. G. Berkovich -- A generalization of Burnside's second theorem on \(p,q\)-groups
  • Ya. G. Berkovich and B. M. Pogrebinskiĭ -- Finite groups of large degree
  • N. A. Vavilov -- Maximal subgroups of Chevalley groups containing a maximal split torus
  • V. A. Tolokonnikov -- The corona theorem in algebras of bounded analytic functions
  • L. G. Khanin -- The structure of closed ideals in some algebras of smooth functions
  • V. V. Sharko -- \(K\)-theory and Morse theory. I
  • V. V. Sharko -- \(K\)-theory and Morse theory. II
  • V. Z. Grines -- Diffeomorphisms of two-dimensional manifolds with transitive foliations
  • V. S. Afraĭmovich and L. P. Shil'nikov -- Invariant two-dimensional tori, their breakdown and stochasticity
  • I. Ya. Novikov and O. P. Skachkova -- Stable random variables and convexity of Banach function spaces
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