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Finite Geometries and Combinatorial Designs
Edited by: Earl S. Kramer and Spyros S. Magliveras

Contemporary Mathematics
1990; 312 pp; softcover
Volume: 111
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5118-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5118-0
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More than eighty participants from all over the world attended an AMS Special Session on Finite Geometries and Combinatorial Designs held in Lincoln, Nebraska, in the fall of 1987. This volume contains the proceedings of that Special Session, in addition to several invited papers. Employing state-of-the-art combinatorial and geometric methods, the papers show significant advances in this area. Topics range over finite geometry, combinatorial designs, their automorphism groups, and related structures.

Requiring graduate-level background, this book is intended primarily for researchers in finite geometries and combinatorial designs. However, the interested nonspecialist will find that the book provides an excellent overview of current activity in these areas.

Table of Contents

  • B. Alspach, K. Heinrich, and B. Mohar -- A note on Hamilton cycles in block-intersection graphs
  • B. A. Anderson -- All dicyclic groups of order at least twelve have symmetric sequencings
  • F. E. Bennett -- Concerning pairwise balanced designs with prime power block sizes
  • A. A. Bruen and U. Ott -- On the \(p\)-rank of incidence matrices and a question of E.S. Lander
  • M. J. de Resmini -- On the Dempwolff plane
  • J. F. Dillon -- Difference sets in 2-groups
  • J. H. Dinitz and D. R. Stinson -- On the existence of Room squares with subsquares
  • D. A. Drake -- A bound for blocking sets in finite projective planes
  • J. W. P. Hirschfeld and J. A. Thas -- Sets with more than one representation as an algebraic curve of degree three
  • N. L. Johnson -- Flocks and partial flocks of quadric sets
  • P. B. Kleidman -- The finite flag-transitive linear spaces with an exceptional automorphism group
  • D. L. Kreher and S. P. Radziszowski -- Constructing 6-(14,7,4) designs
  • A. Pasini -- On the classification of finite \(c_n\)-geometries with thick lines
  • V. Pless -- Cyclic codes and cyclic configurations
  • J. J. Seidel -- Designs and approximation
  • J. A. Thas -- Flocks, maximal exterior sets, and inversive planes
  • V. D. Tonchev -- Self-orthogonal designs
  • T. van Trung -- Nonembeddable quasi-residual designs
  • W. D. Wallis -- Finite planes and clique partitions
  • M. A. Wertheimer -- Oval designs in quadrics
  • C. Y. Ho -- On the order of a finite projective plane and its collineation group
  • P. C. van Oorschot and S. A. Vanstone -- Some geometric aspects of root finding in \(GF(q^m)\)
  • J. Siemons -- Automorphism groups as linear groups
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