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Finite and Infinite Dimensional Analysis in Honor of Leonard Gross
Edited by: Hui-Hsiung Kuo and Ambar N. Sengupta, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Contemporary Mathematics
2003; 224 pp; softcover
Volume: 317
ISBN-10: 0-8218-3202-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3202-8
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This book contains the proceedings of the special session in honor of Leonard Gross held at the annual Joint Mathematics Meetings in New Orleans (LA). The speakers were specialists in a variety of fields, and many were Professor Gross's former Ph.D. students and their descendants.

Papers in this volume present results from several areas of mathematics. They illustrate applications of powerful ideas that originated in Gross's work and permeate diverse fields. Topics include stochastic partial differential equations, white noise analysis, Brownian motion, Segal-Bargmann analysis, heat kernels, and some applications.

The volume should be useful to graduate students and researchers. It provides perspective on current activity and on central ideas and techniques in the topics covered.


Research mathematicians interested in probability and analysis.

Table of Contents

  • L. Accardi -- Meixner classes and the square of white noise
  • S. Albeverio, Y. Kondratiev, and M. Röckner -- Strong Feller properties for distorted Brownian motion and applications to finite particle systems with singular interactions
  • H. Allouba and V. Goodman -- Market price of risk and random field driven models of term structure: A space-time change of measure look
  • N. Asai, I. Kubo, and H.-H. Kuo -- Gaussian and Poisson white noises with related characterization theorems
  • B. K. Driver -- Analysis of Wiener measure on path and loop groups
  • M. Gordina -- Stochastic differential equations on noncommutative \(L^2\)
  • B. C. Hall -- The Segal-Bargmann transform and the Gross ergodicity theorem
  • B. C. Hall and M. B. Stenzel -- Sharp bounds for the heat kernel on certain symmetric spaces of non-compact type
  • T. Hida -- Laplacians in white noise analysis
  • M. Hino -- On Dirichlet spaces over convex sets in infinite dimensions
  • C. King -- Information capacity of quantum channels
  • Y.-J. Lee and C.-Y. Shih -- The Riesz representation theorem on infinite dimensional spaces
  • J. J. Mitchell -- Asymptotic behavior in heat kernel analysis on manifolds
  • M. Redfern -- Complex stochastic calculus
  • S. B. Sontz -- Recent results and open problems in Segal-Bargmann analysis
  • A. Stan -- A new Heisenberg inequality for white noise analysis
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