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Combinatorial and Geometric Representation Theory
Edited by: Seok-Jin Kang, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, Korea, and Kyu-Hwan Lee, University of Toronto, ON, Canada

Contemporary Mathematics
2003; 189 pp; softcover
Volume: 325
ISBN-10: 0-8218-3212-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3212-7
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This volume presents the proceedings of the international conference on Combinatorial and Geometric Representation Theory. In the field of representation theory, a wide variety of mathematical ideas are providing new insights, giving powerful methods for understanding the theory, and presenting various applications to other branches of mathematics. Over the past two decades, there have been remarkable developments. This book explains the strong connections between combinatorics, geometry, and representation theory. It is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in representation theory.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in representation theory.

Table of Contents

  • H. H. Andersen -- Twisted Verma modules and their quantized analogues
  • S. Ariki -- On tameness of the Hecke algebras of type \(B\)
  • G. Benkart and D. Moon -- Tensor product representations of Temperley-Lieb algebras and their centralizer algebras
  • J. F. Carlson, Z. Lin, D. K. Nakano, and B. J. Parshall -- The restricted nullcone
  • W. J. Haboush -- Projective embeddings of varieties of special lattices
  • G. James -- Representations of general linear groups
  • S.-J. Kang and J.-H. Kwon -- Fock space representations for the quantum affine algebra \(U_q(C_2^{(1)})\)
  • M. Kashiwara -- Realizations of crystals
  • H. Nakajima -- \(t\)-analogs of \(q\)-characters of quantum affine algebras of type \(A_n\), \(D_n\)
  • A. Ram -- Skew shape representations are irreducible
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