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Papers in Algebra, Analysis and Statistics
Edited by: Rudolf Lidl

Contemporary Mathematics
1982; 400 pp; softcover
Volume: 9
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5009-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5009-1
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Table of Contents

Invited Lectures
  • C. W. Curtis and G. I. Lehrer -- Homology representations of finite groups of Lie type
  • R. Delbourgo -- Matrix correlation functions
  • D. Elliott -- Some aspects of singular integral equations--A numerical analyst's viewpoint
  • F. Hirzebruch -- Some examples of algebraic surfaces
  • I. G. Macdonald -- Lie groups and combinatorics
  • M. Mendès-France -- Paper folding, space-filling curves and Rudin-Shapiro sequences
  • G. Pilz -- Near-rings: What they are and what they are good for
  • T. J. Rivlin -- The optimal recovery of functions
  • N. J. A. Sloane -- Recent bounds for codes, sphere packings and related problems obtained by linear programming and other methods
  • G. S. Watson -- Three aspects of the statistics of directions
  • E. C. Zeeman -- Bifurcation and catastrophe theory
Contributed Papers: Algebra, Number Theory
  • D. Fearnley-Sander -- Euclid with an unfamiliar ring
  • B. J. Gardner -- Absolute retracts, relatively injective simple objects and Brown-McCoy radicals
  • R. B. Howlett and G. I. Lehrer -- A comparison theorem and other formulae in the character ring of a finite group of Lie type
  • G. Karpilovsky -- On commutative group algebras
  • R. Matthews -- Orthogonal systems of polynomials over a finite field with coefficients in a subfields
  • C. J. Smythe -- A lattice colouring problem
  • A. J. van der Poorten -- Substitution automata, functional equations and "Functions algebraic over a finite field"
Contributed Papers: Analysis
  • M. A. B. Deakin -- The formal power series approach to elementary catastrophy theory
  • V. V. Deodhar -- On central extensions of rational points of algebraic groups
  • W. Meersman -- Ideals and stability
  • J. Mitchell -- Singular integrals on bounded symmetric domains II
  • W. Ricker -- A new class of convex bodies
  • D. Yost -- Geometry of Banach spaces and convex subsets of \(C^2\)
Contributed Papers: Statistics
  • D. Broadfoot -- FEED--Forms entry editor
  • R. M. Clark -- Comparison of palaeomagnetic records from lake sediments
  • R. Corluy -- Mathematics and phylogeny
  • R. Corluy and W. Meersman -- Equivalence between distance functions
  • P. J. Dichomides -- The rose of intersections
  • N. J. Fisher -- Goodness-of-fit and outlier detection procedures for samples from Fisher's distribution on the sphere
  • L. Hamey -- Enhancements to MDOS
  • D. McNeil -- Two-way table analysis of physiological data
  • B. P. Murphy -- Production and reproduction of statistical software for Z80 microprocessors
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