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Automated Theorem Proving: After 25 Years
Edited by: W. W. Bledsoe and D. W. Loveland

Contemporary Mathematics
1984; 360 pp; softcover
Volume: 29
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted 1985
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5027-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5027-5
List Price: US$53
Member Price: US$42.40
Order Code: CONM/29
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Table of Contents

  • D. W. Loveland -- Automated theorem proving: a quarter century review
  • Citation to Hao Wang
  • H. Wang -- Computer theorem proving and artificial intelligence
  • Citation to Lawrence Wos and Steven Winker
  • L. Wos and S. Winker -- Open questions solved with the assistance of AURA
  • W. W. Bledsoe -- Some automatic proofs in analysis
  • R. S. Boyer and J. S. Moore -- Proof-checking, theorem-proving, and program verification
  • R. S. Boyer and J. S. Moore -- A mechanical proof of the turing completeness of pure LISP
  • P. B. Andrews, D. A. Miller, E. L. Cohen, and F. Pfenning -- Automating higher-order logic
  • D. Lankford, G. Butler, and B. Brady -- Abelian group unification algorithms for elementary terms
  • G. Nelson -- Combining satisfiability procedures by equality sharing
  • W. Wen-Tsun -- On the decision problem and the mechanization of theorem-proving in elementary geometry
  • W. Wen-Tsun -- Some recent advances in mechanical theorem-proving of geometries
  • S.-C. Chou -- Proving elementary geometry theorems using Wu's algorithm
  • D. B. Lenat -- Automated theory formation in mathematics
  • J. McDonald and P. Suppes -- Student use of an interactive theorem prover
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