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Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable: Second Edition
A. I. Markushevich

AMS Chelsea Publishing
1977; 1138 pp; hardcover
Volume: 296
Reprint/Revision History:
reprinted 2005, 2014
ISBN-10: 0-8218-3780-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3780-1
List Price: US$96
Member Price: US$86.40
Order Code: CHEL/296.H
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Theorems are presented in a logical way and are carefully proved, making this a most useful book for students.


This magnificent textbook, translated from the Russian, was first published in 1965-1967. The book covers all aspects of the theory of functions of one complex variable. The chosen proofs give the student the best `feel' for the subject. The watchwords are clarity and straightforwardness. The author was a leading Soviet function-theorist: It is seldom that an expert of his stature puts himself so wholly at the service of the student. This book includes over 150 illustrations and 700 exercises.

Table of Contents

Volume I, Part 1: Basic Concepts
  • I.1 Introduction
  • I.2 Complex numbers
  • I.3 Sets and functions. Limits and continuity
  • I.4 Connectedness. Curves and domains
  • I.5. Infinity and stereographic projection
  • I.6 Homeomorphisms
Part 2: Differentiation. Elementary Functions
  • I.7 Differentiation and the Cauchy-Riemann equations
  • I.8 Geometric interpretation of the derivative. Conformal mapping
  • I.9 Elementary entire functions
  • I.10 Elementary meromorphic functions
  • I.11 Elementary multiple-valued functions
Part 3: Integration. Power Series
  • I.12 Rectifiable curves. Complex integrals
  • I.13 Cauchy's integral theorem
  • I.14 Cauchy's integral and related topics
  • I.15 Uniform convergence. Infinite products
  • I.16 Power series: Rudiments
  • I.17 Power series: Ramifications
  • I.18 Methods for expanding functions in Taylor series
Volume II, Part 1: Laurent Series. Calculus of Residues
  • II.1 Laurent's series. Isolated singular points
  • II.2 The calculus of residues and its applications
  • II.3 Inverse and implicit functions
  • II.4 Univalent functions
Part 2: Harmonic and Subharmonic Functions
  • II.5 Basic properties of harmonic functions
  • II.6 Applications to fluid dynamics
  • II.7 Subharmonic functions
  • II.8 The Poisson-Jensen formula and related topics
Part 3: Entire and Meromorphic Functions
  • II.9 Basic properties of entire functions
  • II.10 Infinite product and partial fraction expansions
Volume III, Part 1: Conformal Mapping. Approximation Theory
  • III.1 Conformal mapping: Rudiments
  • III.2 Conformal mapping: Ramifications
  • III.3 Approximation by rational functions and polynomials
Part 2: Periodic and Elliptic Functions
  • III.4 Periodic meromorphic functions
  • III.5 Elliptic functions: Weierstrass' theory
  • III.6 Elliptic functions: Jacobi's theory
Part 3: Riemann Surfaces. Analytic Continuation
  • III.7 Riemann surfaces
  • III.8 Analytic continuation
  • III.9 The symmetry principle and its applications
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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