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Proceedings of the Norbert Wiener Centenary Congress, 1994
Edited by: V. Mandrekar, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, and P. R. Masani, University of Pittsburgh, PA

Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics
1997; 566 pp; hardcover
Volume: 52
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0452-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0452-0
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One of the great mathematicians of this century, Norbert Wiener was a universal thinker of colossal proportions. This book contains the proceedings of the Norbert Wiener Centenary Congress held at Michigan State University on November 27-December 3, 1994. The aim of the Congress was to reveal the depth and strong coherence of thought that runs through Wiener's legacy, and to exhibit its continuation in ongoing research.

This volume brings together the great minds who have furthered Wiener's ideas in physics, stochastics, harmonic analysis, philosophy, prosthesis and cybernetics. The presentations coherently lay out the developments of the subjects from their inception. This volume provides an excellent pathway for new investigators who may wish to pursue these developments by following the footsteps of world experts.

There is no other book available in which experts in the various fields in which Weiner worked have presented his thoughts and contributions in such a coherent and lucid manner.


Graduate students, research mathematicians, physicists, engineers, statisticians, probabilitists, computer scientists, historians, and philosophers of science interested in one or more of the ideas of Norbert Wiener and/or the individual areas covered in the volume.

Table of Contents

  • S. Molchanov -- Wiener-Kolmogorov conception of the stochastic organization of nature
  • O. Penrose -- The Wiener programme in statistical physics. Is it feasible in the light of recent developments?
  • L. Gross -- The mathematical ramifications of Wiener's program in statistical physics
  • D. R. Adams -- Potential capacity before and after Wiener
  • J. J. Benedetto -- Generalized harmonic analysis and Gabor and wavelet systems
  • J. Bart, I. Gohberg, and M. A. Kaashoek -- Wiener-Hopf equations and linear systems
  • P. Malliavin -- Complex harmonic analysis in the aftermath of Paley-Wiener
  • H. G. Feichtinger -- Amalgam spaces and generalized harmonic analysis
  • I. Segal -- Wiener space and nonlinear quantum field theory
  • S. Albeverio -- Wiener and Feynman--path integrals and their applications
  • J. R. Klauder -- Optical coherence before and after Wiener
  • E. A. Carlen -- Wiener and the problem of "Hidden Parameters" in quantum mechanics
  • E. F. Thomas -- Finite path integrals
  • R. L. Warnock -- Joint probabilities of noncommuting observables and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen question in Wiener-Siegel quantum theory
  • G. Gale -- The role of Leibniz and Haldane in Wiener's cybernetics
  • H. P. Stapp -- Quantum mechanical coherence, resonance, and mind
  • K. H. Pribram -- What is mind that the brain may order it?
  • J. Rissanen -- Shannon-Wiener information and stochastic complexity
  • D. L. Burkholder -- Sharp norm comparison of Martingale maximal functions and stochastic integrals
  • S. Watanabe -- Stochastic analysis on Wiener space
  • G. Kallianpur -- Stochastic filtering: A part of stochastic nonlinear analysis
  • N. K. Bose -- The theory of learning before and after Wiener
  • R. W. Mann -- Sensory and motor prostheses in the aftermath of Wiener
  • D. Roseman -- On Wiener's thought in the computer as an aid in visualizing higher-dimensional forms and its modern ramifications
  • P. R. Masani -- Norbert Wiener and the future of cybernetics
  • Letter to Norbert Wiener from John von Neumann
  • B. McMillan -- Scientific impact of the work of C. E. Shannon
  • J. Ramaekers -- Citation and award of the Norbert Wiener Centenary Medal to Professor C. E. Shannon (in absentia)
  • D. Gabor -- Wiener and the art of communication
  • Academic vita of Norbert Wiener
  • Doctoral students of Norbert Wiener
  • Bibliography of Norbert Wiener
  • Defense Department documents
  • List of participants (Norbert Wiener centenary congress)
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