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Nielsen Theory and Dynamical Systems
Edited by: Christopher K. McCord

Contemporary Mathematics
1993; 350 pp; softcover
Volume: 152
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5181-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5181-4
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This volume contains the proceedings of the AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference on Nielsen Theory and Dynamical Systems, held in June 1992 at Mount Holyoke College. Focusing on the interface between Nielsen fixed point theory and dynamical systems, this book provides an almost complete survey of the state of the art of Nielsen theory. Most of the articles are expository, making them accessible to both graduate students and researchers in algebraic topology, fixed point theory, and dynamical systems.


Researchers and graduate students in algebraic topology, fixed point theory or dynamical systems.

Table of Contents

  • Ll. Alsedà, S. Baldwin, J. Llibre, R. Swanson, and W. Szlenk -- Torus maps and Nielsen numbers
  • R. F. Brown -- Wecken properties for manifolds
  • J. Casasayas, J. Llibre, and A. Nunes -- Lefschetz zeta functions and forced set of periods
  • D. Dimovski -- One-parameter fixed point indices for periodic orbits
  • A. Fel'shtyn and R. Hill -- Dynamical zeta functions, Nielsen theory and Reidemeister torsion
  • J. Franks and M. Misiurewicz -- Cycles for disk homeomorphisms and thick trees
  • R. Geoghegan and A. Nicas -- Lefschetz trace formulae, zeta functions and torsion in dynamics
  • J. Gilman -- Recent developments in Nielsen theory and discrete groups
  • E. Hart -- Local Nielsen fixed point theory and the local generalized \(H\)-Lefschetz number
  • B. Jiang -- Nielsen theory for periodic orbits and applications to dynamical systems
  • J. Lewowicz and J. Tolosa -- Genericity of homeomorphisms with connected stable and unstable sets
  • J. Llibre -- Lefschetz numbers for periodic points
  • T. Matsuoka -- The Burau representation of the braid group and the Nielsen-Thurston classification
  • C. K. McCord -- Computing Nielsen numbers
  • K. Mischaikow -- The structure of isolated invariant sets and the Conley index
  • H. Schirmer -- A survey of relative Nielsen fixed point theory
  • L. Slutskin -- Classification of lifts of automorphisms of surfaces to the unit disk
  • P. Wong -- Equivariant Nielsen fixed point theory and periodic points
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