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Proceedings of the Northwestern Homotopy Theory Conference
Edited by: Haynes R. Miller and Stewart B. Priddy

Contemporary Mathematics
1983; 454 pp; softcover
Volume: 19
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5020-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5020-6
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Table of Contents

  • A. Baker -- On weakly almost complex manifolds with vanishing decomposable Chern numbers
  • M. G. Barratt, J. D. S. Jones, and M. E. Mahowald -- The Kervaire invariant problem
  • J. S. Carter -- Surgery theory of immersions
  • F. R. Cohen and L. R. Taylor -- The homology of function spaces
  • D. M. Davis -- Some new immersions and non-immersions of real projective spaces
  • A. Dold -- Simple proofs of some Borsuk-Ulam results
  • J. Harper and A. Zabrodsky -- Alteration of \(H\)-structures
  • J.-C. Hausmann -- Poincare spaces with the homology of a sphere
  • W.-C. Hsiang and R. E. Staffeldt -- Rational algebraic \(K\)-theory of a product of Eilenberg-Maclane spaces
  • S. O. Kochman -- An algebraic filtration of \(H_\ast BO\)
  • D. Kraines and T. Lada -- The cohomology of the Dyer Lashof algebra
  • N. J. Kuhn -- Spacelike resolutions of spectra
  • R. K. Lashof, J. P. May, and G. B. Segal -- Equivariant bundles with abelian structural group
  • W.-H. Lin -- Cohomology extensions in certain 2-stage Postnikov systems
  • A. Liulevicius -- Borsuk-Ulam theorems for spherical space forms
  • I. Madsen and M. Rothenberg -- On the classification of \(G\) spheres
  • M. E. Mahowald and P. Shick -- Some root invariants in \({\mathrm{Ext}}_A^{\ast,\ast}(Z/2,Z/2)\)
  • H. Miller and C. Wilkerson -- On the Segal conjecture for periodic groups
  • S. A. Mitchell -- Power series methods in unoriented cobordism
  • H. J. Munkholm -- Rothenberg sequences and the algebraic \(S^1\)-bundle transfer
  • S. Oka -- Small ring spectra and \(p\)-rank of the stable homotopy of spheres
  • T. Petrie -- Equivariant cell attachment and equivariant vector bundles
  • N. Ray and L. Schwartz -- Embedding certain complexes via unstable homotopy theory
  • R. Schultz -- Exotic spheres admitting circle actions with codimension four stationary sets
  • N. Shimada -- Note on symbols in \(K_n\)
  • M. Tezuka and N. Yagita -- The cohomology of subgroups of \(GL_n(F_q)\)
  • C. B. Thomas -- Filtrations on the representation ring of a finite group
  • R. W. Thomason -- The homotopy limit problem
  • C. Wilkerson -- A primer on the Dickson invariants
  • Current problems in homotopy theory
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