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Quantum Field Theory: A Twentieth Century Profile
Edited by: Asoke N. Mitra
A publication of Hindustan Book Agency.
Hindustan Book Agency
2000; 900 pp; hardcover
ISBN-10: 81-85931-25-9
ISBN-13: 978-81-85931-25-8
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After serving his apprenticeship as a field theorist at Cornell University ... Dr. Mitra sacrificed his chance of a brilliant research career in America in order to serve his country and his people. I deeply respect that choice, and I rejoice that his sacrifice was not made in vain. After a fruitful career as a pioneer and teacher of modern science in India, he now stands at the center of the vibrant scientific community that he helped to create. This volume is, among other things, a monument to his vision.

--from the Foreword by Freeman Dyson

Quantum Field Theory (QFT) may be the single most important concept in physics to be discovered in the twentieth century. This volume reflects the multidimensional impact of QFT on the evolution of physics in the last century. Dr. Asoke Mitra, editor for the volume and former student and colleague of Freeman Dyson, gathers here a selection of articles in the areas where the impact of QFT has been especially pronounced: from particle physics to string theory and extending to facets of astrophysics and the physics of condensed matter.

The wide range of topics covered makes this volume more than just an introductory text on QFT. Contributors include V. Gribov, M. Moshinsky, K. Nishijima, J. Schwarz, D. Shirkov, E. Witten and many more renowned experts in their respective fields. This book makes an excellent reference work for a broad spectrum of readers, from postdocs in key areas of QFT to specialists in currently evolving areas.

A publication of Hindustan Book Agency; distributed within the Americas by the American Mathematical Society. Maximum discount of 20% for all commercial channels.

Published jointly by the Hindustan Book Agency (India) and the Indian National Science Academy; distributed worldwide except in India by the AMS.


Graduate students and research mathematicians and physicists interested in quantum field theory.

Table of Contents

Editor's Summary
  • A. N. Mitra -- Dimensions of field theory--from particles to strings
Part A: Basic Structure of QFT
  • D. V. Shirkov -- Evolution of the Bogoliubov renormalization group
  • S. Szpigel and R. J. Perry -- The similarity renormalization group
  • V. Novikov -- Quantum field theory and the standard model--bird's eye view
  • P. K. Kabir -- Broken reflection symmetries
  • D. Boyanovsky and H. J. de Vega -- Dynamics of symmetry breaking out of equilibrium--from condensed matter to QCD and the early universe
  • V. N. Gribov -- Orsay lectures on confinement
  • K. Nishijima and M. Chaichian -- An essay on color confinement
Part B: Topological Aspects of QFT
  • R. Kaul -- Topological quantum field theories--a meeting ground for physicists and mathematicians
  • E. Witten -- Quantum field theory and the Jones polynomial
  • H. Banerjee -- Chiral anomalies in field theories
  • W.-M. Zhang -- Coherent states in field theory
  • N. Mukunda -- Pancharatnam, Bargmann and Berry phases--a retrospective
  • J. Schechter and H. Weigel -- The Skyrme model for baryons
Part C: Formal Methods in QFT
  • R. Ramanathan -- Euclidean methods in quantum field theory
  • A. Das -- Topics in finite temperature field theory
  • B. M. Sodermark -- Integrable models and the Toda lattice hierarchy
  • P. P. Srivastava -- Perspectives of light-front quantized field theory--some new results
  • D. S. Kulshreshtha -- Gauge symmetry in chiral electrodynamics
  • L. Lusanna -- Towards a unified description of the four interactions in terms of Dirac-Bergmann observables
Part D: Extension of QFT Frontiers
  • R. N. Mohapatra -- Supersymmetry and particle physics
  • N. Sakai -- Supersymmetry in field theory
  • W. Nahm -- Conformal field theory: A bridge over troubled waters
  • J. H. Schwarz -- Superstring theory--an overview
  • J. Maharana -- Recent developments in string theory
  • L. Bonora -- Yang-Mills theory and matrix string theory
Part E: QFT in \(2+1\) Dimensions
  • A. Khare -- Fractional statistics and Chern-Simons field theory in \(2+1\) dimensions
  • R. Rajaraman -- Chern Simons field and composite bosons in the quantum hall system
Part F: Methods of Strong Interactions in QFT
  • O. Pene -- Hadrons from QCD--achievements and prospects
  • L. S. Kisslinger -- QCD sum rules in hadronic and nuclear physics
  • V. A. Karmanov -- Light-front dynamics
  • A. N. Mitra -- 3D-4D interlinkage of B-S amplitudes--unified view of \(Q\overline{Q}\) and \(QQQ\) dynamics
  • M. Moshinsky -- The harmonic oscillator in quantum theory--a powerful bridge in physics
  • D. Home -- Modern perspectives on foundations of quantum mechanics
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