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Introduction to Complex Analysis: Second Edition
Rolf Nevanlinna and Veikko Paatero

AMS Chelsea Publishing
1969; 350 pp; hardcover
Volume: 310
ISBN-10: 0-8218-4399-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-4399-4
List Price: US$51
Member Price: US$45.90
Order Code: CHEL/310.H
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It really is a gem, both in terms of its table of contents and the level of discussion. The exercises also look very good.

--Clifford Earle, Cornell University

This book has a soul and has passion.

--William Abikoff, University of Connecticut

This classic book gives an excellent presentation of topics usually treated in a complex analysis course, starting with basic notions (rational functions, linear transformations, analytic function), and culminating in the discussion of conformal mappings, including the Riemann mapping theorem and the Picard theorem. The two quotes above confirm that the book can be successfully used as a text for a class or for self-study.

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Undergraduate and graduate students interested in complex analysis.


"This is a textbook by one of the masters of Complex Analysis. It is a crisp, direct, and surprisingly modern account of the basic material for a first course in Complex Analysis. ... In summary, the book remains an excellent reference for a first course in Complex Analysis. It contains over 300 exercises."

-- MAA Reviews

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