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Thirteen Papers in Algebra and Number Theory
I. K. Zhuk, I. Sh. Slavutskiĭ, V. A. Lipnitskiĭ, V. I. Chernousov, O. M. Adamovich, Yu. A. Drozd, V. M. Bondarenko, A. G. Zavadskiĭ, L. A. Nazarova, V. M. Turchin, B. P. Komrakov, A. A. Premet, T. I. Pirashvili, S. A. Chunikhin, A. A. Kirilyuk, V. P. Rud'ko, and A. S. Rapinchuk

American Mathematical Society Translations--Series 2
1986; 122 pp; hardcover
Volume: 128
ISBN-10: 0-8218-3097-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3097-0
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Member Price: US$63.20
Order Code: TRANS2/128
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Table of Contents

  • I. K. Zhuk -- On the rationality of some homogeneous spaces of the group \(SO(q)\)
  • I. Sh. Slavutskiĭ -- On the divisor class number of a real quadratic field
  • V. A. Lipnitskiĭ -- Norms in fields of real algebraic functions and the reduced Whitehead group
  • V. I. Chernousov -- On the rationality of spinor varieties over the field of rational numbers
  • O. M. Adamovich -- Equidimensional representations of simple algebraic groups
  • Yu. A. Drozd -- Tame and wild matrix problems
  • V. M. Bondarenko, A. G. Zavadskiĭ, and L. A. Nazarova -- On representations of tame partially ordered sets
  • V. M. Turchin -- Structure of the principal genus for second-order integral matrix rings
  • B. P. Komrakov and A. A. Premet -- Conjugacy classes of semisimple automorphisms of complex semisimple lie algebras
  • T. I. Pirashvili -- On some properties of Karoubi-Villamayor algebraic \(K\)-functors
  • S. A. Chunikhin -- On the Schur-Zassenhaus theorem
  • A. A. Kirilyuk and V. V. Rud'ko -- On finite irreducible solvable subgroups of the group \(GL(p,Z)\)
  • A. S. Rapinchuk -- On Platonov's conjecture on genus in arithmetic groups
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