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Inverse Scattering and Applications
Edited by: David Sattinger

Contemporary Mathematics
1991; 133 pp; softcover
Volume: 122
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5129-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5129-6
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This book contains the proceedings of an AMS-IMS-SIAM Summer Institute on Inverse Scattering and Applications, held in Amherst, Massachusetts, in June 1990. The papers cover the current state of the art in inverse conductivity problems, applications of inverse scattering theory to integrable systems, three-dimensional inverse scattering, inverse monodromy problems, and nonlinear waves, among other topics. Intended for researchers working in inverse scattering theory, inverse conductance problems, and completely integrable systems, this book presents results by some of the major experts in the field.

Table of Contents

  • T. Aktosun and C. van der Mee -- Wiener-Hopf factorization in multidimensional inverse Schrödinger scattering
  • R. Beals and D. Sattinger -- Complete integrability of "Completely Integrable" systems
  • R. Carroll -- On the determinant theme for tau functions, Grassmannians, and inverse scattering
  • M. Cheney and D. Isaacson -- An overview of inversion algorithms for impedance imaging
  • H. Frahm -- On the construction of integrable XXZ Heisenberg models with arbitrary spin
  • G. F. Helminck -- A geometric construction of solutions of matrix hierarchies
  • R. Herman -- Lax pairs, recursion operators, and the perturbation of nonlinear evolution equations
  • A. R. Its, A. G. Izergin, and V. E. Korepin -- Time and temperature dependent correlation function of an impenetrable Bose gas field correlator in the impenetrable Bose gas
  • S. Kichenassamy -- Breathers and the sine-Gordon equation
  • B. G. Konopelchenko and V. G. Dubrovsky -- Localized solitons for the Ishimori equation
  • J. Palmer -- Tau functions
  • J. Sylvester and G. Uhlmann -- Inverse problems in anisotropic media
  • S. Venakides -- The Toda shock problem
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