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Measure and Measurable Dynamics
Edited by: R. Daniel Mauldin, R. M. Shortt, and Cesar E. Silva

Contemporary Mathematics
1989; 326 pp; softcover
Volume: 94
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5099-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5099-2
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Dorothy Maharam Stone's (1917-2014) contributions to operators and measure algebras has had a profound influence on this area of research. Her career, which has spanned nearly half a century, includes 40 research publications, some of them as recent as 1987. A Ph.D. student of Anna Pell Wheeler at Bryn Mawr College, Stone has been an active force in mathematics research and various professional activities.

This volume contains the proceedings of the Conference on Measure and Measurable Dynamics, held in honor of Stone at the University of Rochester in September 1987. The papers in this collection represent contributions from some of the top experts in this field. Stone's work is surveyed in a number of articles which highlight her foundational results concerning positive operators, the characterization of homo- geneous measure algebras, and disintegrations. In addition, there are research papers in ergodic theory, measure theory, descriptive set theory, and the dynamics of measurable maps. A number of the results in these papers are directly related to Stone's work.

Table of Contents

  • T. E. Armstrong -- Invariance of Rényi full conditional probabilities under group actions
  • J. Auslander and N. Markley -- Proximal roots of minimal homeomorphisms
  • E. Barone and K. P. S. Bhaskara Rao -- On the Loś-Marczewski extension of charges and its uniqueness
  • J. B. Brown -- Marczewski null sets and intermediate Baire order
  • M. R. Burke -- Fixed points of automorphisms of \(I^\aleph_1\)
  • J. R. Choksi, S. J. Eigen, J. C. Oxtoby, and V. S. Prasad -- The work of Dorothy Maharam on measure theory, ergodic theory, and category algebras
  • J. R. Choksi, S. J. Eigen, and V. S. Prasad -- Ergodic theory on homogeneous measure algebras revisited
  • J. P. R. Christensen and C. Rasmussen -- Axiomatic characterizations of inhomogeneous Poisson point processes (IPPP), their mixtures and random translations
  • J. Coffey -- Uniformly distributed \(D\)-sequences
  • G. A. Edgar and L. Sucheston -- On maximal inequalitites in Orlicz spaces
  • S. J. Eigen and C. E. Silva -- Finite full sets in \(2\)-stack structures
  • N. A. Friedman -- Partial mixing, partial rigidity, and factors
  • S. Graf and R. D. Mauldin -- A classification of disintegrations of measures
  • J. M. Hawkins -- Ratio sets of endomorphisms which preserve a probability measure
  • J. L. King -- An obstruction to \(K\)-fold splitting
  • W. A. J. Luxemburg -- The work of Dorothy Maharam on kernel representations of linear operators
  • R. D. Mauldin -- One-to-one selections and orthogonal transition kernels
  • M. G. Nadkarni -- Descriptive ergodic theory
  • W. Parry -- Decoding with two independent processes
  • W. Parry -- Temporal and spatial distribution of closed orbits of hyperbolic dynamical systems
  • K. Petersen -- Nonlinear sampling of a flow
  • S. T. Rachev and R. M. Shortt -- Classification problem for probability metrics
  • D. Ramachandran -- A new proof of Hopf's theorem on invariant measures
  • D. J. Rudolph -- Markov tilings of \(\Bbb R^n\) and representations of \(\Bbb R^n\) actions
  • R. M. Shortt -- Groups of measurable automorphisms for spaces of finite type
  • M. Talagrand -- A "regular oscillation" property of stable sets of measurable functions
  • D. Tanny -- A new proof of the strong law without first moment
  • B. Weiss -- Countable generators in dynamics-universal minimal models
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