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Eleven Papers Translated from the Russian
V. I. Bernik, N. A. Dmitriev, E. B. Dynkin, K.-H. Elster, L. A. Gutnik, R. Heine, F. I. Karpelevich, L. G. Kiseleva, A. F. Leont'ev, Yu. I. Manin, Yu. P. Razmyslov, L. A. Skornyakov, and D. P. Skvortsov

American Mathematical Society Translations--Series 2
1988; 147 pp; hardcover
Volume: 140
ISBN-10: 0-8218-3116-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3116-8
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Order Code: TRANS2/140
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Papers covering topics including information science, Lie algebras, group theory, matrix theory, and number theory.

Table of Contents

  • D. P. Skvortsov -- On the question of "how many": Definition of the notion of cardinality of finite sets in some arithmetic systems
  • V. I. Bernik -- Application of Hausdorff dimension in the theory of Diophantine approximations
  • L. A. Gutnik -- On the irrationality of some quantities containing \(\zeta(3)\)
  • N. A. Dmitriev and E. B. Dynkin -- Characteristic roots of stochastic matrices
  • F. I. Karpelevich -- On the characteristic roots of matrices with nonnegative elements
  • Yu. P. Razmyslov -- Finite basis property for the representations of a simple three-dimensional Lie algebra over a field of characteristic zero
  • L. G. Kiseleva -- On the number of nontrivial solutions of homogeneous equations in words with three unknowns
  • L. A. Skornyakov -- On the representation of monoids by multivalued mappings
  • A. F. Leont'ev -- Representation of functions in convex domains by generalized exponential series
  • Yu. I. Manin -- Remarks on algebraic supermanifolds
  • K.-H. Elster and R. Heine -- On some connections between vector optimization and geometric optimization and their economic applications
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