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Operator Theoretical Methods
Edited by: A. Gheondea, R. N. Gologan, and D. Timotin, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania
A publication of the Theta Foundation.
International Book Series of Mathematical Texts
2000; 415 pp; hardcover
ISBN-10: 973-99097-2-8
ISBN-13: 978-973-99097-2-3
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This volume contains carefully selected contributions by participants at the Seventeenth International Conference on Operator Theory held at the University of Timişoara (Romania). A large variety of topics are covered, including single operator theory, \(C^*\)-algebras, spectral theory, special classes of concrete operators, and holomorphic operator functions. The book also includes applications in other areas of mathematics and science.

A publication of the Theta Foundation. Distributed worldwide, except in Romania, by the AMS.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in operator theory and its applications.

Table of Contents

  • J. Agler and J. E. McCarthy -- Nevanlinna-Pick kernels and localization
  • C.-G. Ambrozie -- A note on moment problems
  • Z. D. Arova -- On \(J\)-unitary nodes with strongly regular \(J\)-inner characteristic functions in the Hardy class \(H_2^{n\times n}\)
  • E. Blanchard -- On finiteness of the number of \(N\)-dimensional Hopf \(C^\ast\)-algebras
  • L. Burlando -- On the weighted reduced minimum modulus
  • L. P. Castro and F.-O. Speck -- An operator approach to a boundary value problem for the Helmholtz equation
  • I. Cialenco -- On the nonselfadjoint perturbations of the Wiener-Hopf integral operators
  • P. A. Cojuhari -- Estimates of the number of perturbed eigenvalues
  • P. A. Cojuhari and S. Corsac -- Absence of the singular continuous spectrum for some perturbed Wiener-Hopf integral operators
  • T. Constantinescu, A. H. Sayed, and T. Kailath -- Structured extensions of matrices
  • V. Deaconu -- Continuous graphs and \(C^\ast\)-algebras
  • D. Guido and T. Isola -- Singular traces, dimensions, and Novikov-Shubin invariants
  • H. Helson and J. I. Tanaka -- Singular cocycles and the generator problem
  • J. Janas and S. Naboko -- On subordination properties of one-dimensional discrete Schrödinger operator
  • Ph. C. Kunstmann -- Kernel estimates and \(L^p\) spectral independence of differential and integral operators
  • J.-P. Labrousse -- Geodesics in the space of linear relations on a Hilbert space
  • S. Litvinov -- On Besicovitch weighted ergodic theorem in von Neumann algebras
  • Z. Liu -- On adjoints of operators on \(L^1\)
  • V. M. Manuilov -- Almost commutativity implies asympotic commutativity
  • C.-K. Ng -- Amenability of Hopf \(C^\ast\)-algebras
  • C. Peligrad and L. Zsidó -- Open projections of \(C^\ast\)-algebras: Comparison and regularity
  • D. Poguntke -- Banach algebras associated to Laplace operators on the Heisenberg group and on the affine group of the real line
  • C. Pop -- Bimodules normés représentables sur des espaces hilbertiens
  • J. Renault -- Cuntz-like algebras
  • E. A. Suciu -- Elementary replacements and \(\mathrm{Ext}^2\) groups for Hilbert modules over a function algebra
  • F.-H. Vasilescu -- Operator theoretic characterizations of moment functions
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