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Geometric Topology
Edited by: Cameron Gordon, Yoav Moriah, and Bronislaw Wajnryb

Contemporary Mathematics
1994; 246 pp; softcover
Volume: 164
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5182-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5182-1
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Geometric topology has undergone tremendous changes in the past decade or so. Many of the big questions facing mathematicians in this area have been answered, and new directions and problems have arisen. One of the characteristics of the field is the diversity of tools researchers bring to it. A Workshop on Geometric Topology was held in June 1992 at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, to bring together researchers from different subfields to share knowledge, ideas, and tools. This volume contains the refereed proceedings of the conference.


Research mathematicians.

Table of Contents

  • A. J. Duncan and J. Howie -- The \(3\)-torus is Kervaire
  • M. Farber and J. Levine -- A topological interpretation of the Atiyah-Patodi-Singer invariant
  • B. Fine and G. Rosenberger -- On groups of special NEC type--A Freiheitssatz and related results for a class of multi-relator groups
  • D. Gillman, S. Matveev, and D. Rolfsen -- Collapsing and reconstruction of manifolds
  • J. Hass -- Metrics on manifolds with convex or concave boundary
  • K. N. Jones -- Geometric structures on branched covers over universal links
  • U. Kaiser -- Link homotopy and skein modules of \(3\)-manifolds
  • U. Koschorke -- Bordism of link maps and selfintersections
  • A. Leibman and D. Markushevich -- The monodromy of the Brieskorn bundle
  • G. Masbaum and P. Vogel -- Verlinde formulae for surfaces with spin structure
  • K. Miyazaki and A. Yasuhara -- Knots that cannot be obtained from a trivial knot by twisting
  • B. Moishezon -- The arithmetic of braids and a statement of Chisini
  • K. Morimoto -- On tunnel number and connected sum of knots and links
  • R. Naimi -- Essential laminations in \(3\)-manifolds obtained by surgery on \(2\)-bridge knots
  • F. Paulin -- A dynamical system approach to free actions on \(\mathbb R\)-trees: A survey with complements
  • S. Matveev and M. Polyak -- On a tangle presentation of the mapping class groups of surfaces
  • M. Scharlemann and A. Thompson -- Thin position for \(3\)-manifolds
  • K. Taniyama -- On embeddings of a graph into \(R^3\)
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