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Symbolic Dynamics and its Applications
Edited by: Peter Walters

Contemporary Mathematics
1992; 452 pp; softcover
Volume: 135
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5146-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5146-3
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This volume contains the proceedings of the conference, Symbolic Dynamics and its Applications, held at Yale University in the summer of 1991 in honor of Roy L. Adler on his sixtieth birthday. The conference focused on symbolic dynamics and its applications to other fields, including ergodic theory, smooth dynamical systems, information theory, automata theory, and statistical mechanics. One hundred thirty-nine participants attended from thirteen countries, representing mathematics, applied mathematics, electrical engineering, and physics departments in universities and in industry. Featuring a range of contributions from some of the leaders in the field, this volume presents an excellent overview of the subject.


Ergodic theorists, topological dynamicists, and workers on data storage and transmission.

Table of Contents

  • R. L. Adler -- The torus and the disk
  • B. Weiss -- On the work of Roy Adler in ergodic theory and dynamical systems
  • B. Marcus -- The impact of Roy Adler's work on symbolic dynamics and applications to data storage
  • J. Ashley -- LR conjugacies of shifts of finite type are uniquely so
  • C. Bernhardt and E. M. Coven -- A polynomial time algorithm for deciding the forcing relation on cyclic permutations
  • F. Blanchard -- Fully positive topological entropy and topological mixing
  • M. Boyle -- The stochastic shift equivalence conjecture is false
  • A. Broglio and P. Liardet -- Predictions with automata
  • D. Fiebig -- Common closing extensions and finitary regular isomorphism for synchronized systems
  • D. Fiebig and U.-R. Fiebig -- Covers for coded systems
  • L. Flatto -- \(Z\)-numbers and \(\beta\)-transformations
  • M. V. Jakobson -- Quasisymmetric conjugacies for some one-dimensional maps inducing expansion
  • J.-M. Gambaudo and C. Tresser -- A monotonicity property in one-dimensional dynamics
  • D. Handelman -- Finiteness of conjugacy classes of restricted block upper triangular matrices
  • D. Handelman -- Polynomials with a positive power being positive
  • D. Handelman -- Spectral radii of primitive integral companion matrices and log concave polynomials
  • R. Kenyon -- Self-replicating tilings
  • B. Kitchens and K. Schmidt -- Markov subgroups of \(({\mathbb Z}/2{\mathbb Z})^{{\mathbb Z}2}\)
  • F. Ledrappier -- On the dimension of some graphs
  • D. Perrin and M.-P. Schützenberger -- Synchronizing prefix codes and automata and the road coloring problem
  • S. Mozes -- A zero entropy mixing of all orders tiling system
  • W. Parry -- A cocycle equation for shifts
  • W. Parry -- In general a degree \(2\) map is an automorphism
  • C. Radin -- \({\mathbf Z}^n\) versus \({\mathbf Z}\) for systems of finite type
  • F. Rhodes -- Principal vectors of commuting block maps
  • I. A. Salama -- On the recurrence of countable topological Markov chains
  • B. Solomyak -- Substitutions, adic transformations and beta-expansions
  • M. Smorodinsky -- Finitary isomorphism of \(m\)-dependent processes
  • P. Trow -- Constant-to-one factor maps and dimension groups
  • S. Tuncel -- Faces of Markov chains and matrices of polynomials
  • J. B. Wagoner -- Classification of subshifts of finite type revisited
  • R. F. Williams -- Strong shift equivalence of matrices in \(GL(2,{\mathbf Z})\)
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