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Cohen-Macaulay Representations
Graham J. Leuschke, Syracuse University, NY, and Roger Wiegand, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE

Mathematical Surveys and Monographs
2012; 367 pp; hardcover
Volume: 181
ISBN-10: 0-8218-7581-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-7581-0
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This book is a comprehensive treatment of the representation theory of maximal Cohen-Macaulay (MCM) modules over local rings. This topic is at the intersection of commutative algebra, singularity theory, and representations of groups and algebras.

Two introductory chapters treat the Krull-Remak-Schmidt Theorem on uniqueness of direct-sum decompositions and its failure for modules over local rings. Chapters 3-10 study the central problem of classifying the rings with only finitely many indecomposable MCM modules up to isomorphism, i.e., rings of finite CM type. The fundamental material--ADE/simple singularities, the double branched cover, Auslander-Reiten theory, and the Brauer-Thrall conjectures--is covered clearly and completely. Much of the content has never before appeared in book form. Examples include the representation theory of Artinian pairs and Burban-Drozd's related construction in dimension two, an introduction to the McKay correspondence from the point of view of maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules, Auslander-Buchweitz's MCM approximation theory, and a careful treatment of nonzero characteristic. The remaining seven chapters present results on bounded and countable CM type and on the representation theory of totally reflexive modules.


Research mathematicians interested in algebra, in particular, theory of rings and modules.

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