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Journal of the American Mathematical Society
Journal of the American Mathematical Society
ISSN 1088-6834(online) ISSN 0894-0347(print)


Papers accepted for publication in Journal of the American Mathematical Society which have not yet been published

Papers are displayed alphabetically by first author listed.

Articles for which AMS Early View is available:

Ian Agol, Fernando C. Marques and André Neves
Min-max theory and the energy of links
(Primary MSC 53A10, 57M25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jérémy Blanc and Serge Cantat
Dynamical degrees of birational transformations of projective surfaces
(Primary MSC 14E07, 14J50)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Bertrand Deroin and Christophe Dupont
Topology and dynamics of laminations in surfaces of general type
(Primary MSC 37F75, 32V40, 37A50, 57R30, 14J29)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Gang Tian and Bing Wang
On the structure of almost Einstein manifolds
(Primary MSC 53C21)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Articles accepted prior to AMS Early View implementation:

Bruillard, Paul; Ng, Siu-Hung; Rowell, Eric; Wang, Zhenghan
Rank-finiteness for modular categories

Damanik, David; Goldstein, Michael
On the existence and uniqueness of global solutions for the KdV equation with quasi-periodic initial data

Gan, Wee Teck; Takeda, Shuichiro
A proof of the Howe duality conjecture

Lubetzky, Eyal; Sly, Allan
Information percolation and cutoff for the stochastic Ising model

Marks, Andrew
A determinacy approach to Borel combinatorics

Tao, Terence
Finite time blowup for an averaged three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equation

Totaro, Burt
Hypersurfaces that are not stably rational