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Papers accepted for publication in Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society which have not yet been published

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Jim Agler; Zinaida Lykova; Nicholas Young
Geodesics, retracts, and the norm-preserving extension property in the symmetrized bidisc

A. Agrachev; L. Rizzi; D. Barilari
Curvature: A variational approach

Oskari Heikki Ajanki; László Erdős; Torben Krüger
Quadratic vector equations on complex upper half-plane

Ethan Akin; Eli Glasner
WAP systems and labeled subshifts

Antonio Alarcón; Franc Forstnerič; Francisco J. López
New complex analytic methods in the study of non-orientable minimal surfaces in $\mathbb {R}^n$

T. Alazard; N. Burq; C. Zuily
Strichartz estimates and the Cauchy problem for the gravity water waves equations

Luigi Ambrosio; Andrea Mondino; Giuseppe Savare
Nonlinear diffusion equations and curvature conditions in metric measure spaces

Cristian Anghel; Iustin Coandă; Nicolae Manolache
Globally generated vector bundles with small $c_1$ on projective spaces

Michael Aschbacher
On fusion systems of component type

Atanas Atanasov; Eric Larson; David Yang
Interpolation for normal bundles of general curves

Arthur Bartels; Christopher L. Douglas; André Henriques
Fusion of defects

Jacob Bedrossian; Pierre Germain; Nader Masmoudi
Dynamics near the subcritical transition of the 3D Couette flow: Below threshold case

Victor Beresnevich; Alan Haynes; Sanju Velani
Sums of reciprocals of fractional parts and multiplicative Diophantine approximation

Laurent Berger; Peter Schneider; Bingyong Xie
Rigid character groups, Lubin-Tate theory, and $(\varphi ,\Gamma )$-modules

Lisa Berger; Chris Hall; René Pannekoek; Jennifer Park; Rachel Pries; Shahed Sharif; Alice Silverberg; Douglas Ulmer
Explicit arithmetic of Jacobians of generalized Legendre curves over global function fields

Massimiliano Berti; Riccardo Montalto
Quasi-periodic standing wave solutions of gravity-capillary water waves

Pavel M. Bleher; Guilherme L. F. Silva
The mother body phase transition in the normal matrix model

Alexander Blokh; Lex Oversteegen; Ross Ptacek; Vladlen Timorin
Laminational models for some spaces of polynomials of any degree

Andrew J. Blumberg; Michael A. Mandell
Localization for $THH(ku)$ and the topological Hochschild and cyclic homology of Waldhausen categories

Sergey Bobkov; Michel Ledoux
One-dimensional empirical measures, order statistics, and Kantorovich transport distances

Lien Boelaert; Tom De Medts; A. Stavrova
Moufang sets and structurable division algebras

Joan Bosa; Nathanial P. Brown; Yasuhiko Sato; Aaron Tikuisis; Stuart White; Wilhelm Winter
Covering dimension of C*-algebras and 2-coloured classification

Nawaf Bou-Rabee; Eric Vanden-Eijnden
Continuous-time random walks for the numerical solution of stochastic diffirential equations

Carles Broto; Jesper M. Møller; Robert Alan Oliver
Automorphisms of fusion systems of finite simple groups of Lie type/Tameness of fusion systems of sporadic simple groups

Roelof Bruggeman; Youngju Choie; Nikolaos Diamantis
Holomorphic automorphic forms and cohomology

David M. J. Calderbank; Michael G. Eastwood; Vladimir S. Matveev; Katharina Neusser
C-projective geometry

David Joseph Carchedi
Higher orbifolds and Deligne-Mumford stacks as structured infinity-topoi

Sebastiano Carpi; Yasuyuki Kawahigashi; Roberto Longo; Mihály Weiner
From vertex operator algebras to conformal nets and back

Ángel Castro; Diego Cordoba; Javier Gómez-Serrano
Global smooth solutions for the inviscid SQG equation

Jérémie Chalopin; Victor Chepoi; Hiroshi Hirai; Damian Osajda
Weakly modular graphs and nonpositive curvature

David Chataur; Martintxo Saralegi-Aranguren; Daniel Tanré
Intersection cohomology. Simplicial blow-up and rational homotopy

Chuanqiang Chen; Xi-Nan Ma; Paolo Salani
On space-time quasiconcave solutions of the heat equation

Vasilis Chousionis; Jeremy Tyson; Mariusz Urbanski
Conformal graph directed Markov systems on Carnot groups

Charles Collot; Pierre Raphaël; Jeremie Szeftel
On the stability of type I blow up for the energy super critical heat equation

Christophe Cornut
Filtrations and buildings

Jean-Francois Coulombel; Mark Williams
Geometric optics for surface waves in nonlinear elasticity

Sean N. Curry; A. Rod Gover
CR embedded submanifolds of CR manifolds

Raul E. Curto; In Sung Hwang; Woo Young Lee
Matrix functions of bounded type: An interplay between function theorem and operator theory

Anne-Laure Dalibard; Laure Saint-raymond
Mathematical study of degenerate boundary layers: A large scale ocean circulation problem

Christopher L. Douglas; Robert Lipshitz; Ciprian Manolescu
Cornered Heegaard Floer homology

Christopher L. Douglas; Christopher Schommer-Pries; Noah Snyder
Dualizable tensor categories

Rod Downey; Keng Meng Ng; Reed Solomon
Minimal weak truth table degrees and computably enumerable Turing degrees

Maurice Duits; Kurt Johansson
On mesoscopic equilibrium for linear statistics in Dyson’s Brownian motion

Zhaobing Fan; Chun-Ju Lai; Yiqiang Li; Li Luo; Weiqiang Wang
Affine flag varieties and quantum symmetric pairs

Paul M. N. Feehan; Thomas G. Leness
An SO(3)-monopole cobordism formula relating Donaldson and Seiberg-Witten invariants

Paul M. N. Feehan; Manousos Maridakis
Łojasiewicz-Simon gradient inequalities for coupled Yang-Mills energy functionals

Felix Finster; Niky Kamran
Spinors on singular spaces and the topology of causal fermion systems

Matthias Fischmann; Andreas Juhl; Petr Somberg
Conformal symmetry breaking differential operators on differential forms

Lior Fishman; David Samuel Simmons; Mariusz Urbański
Diophantine approximation and the geometry of limit sets in Gromov hyperbolic metric spaces

Gonzalo Fiz Pontiveros; Simon Griffiths; Robert Morris
The triangle-free process and the Ramsey number $R(3,k)$

Sergey Fomin; Dylan P Thurston
Cluster algebras and triangulated surfaces. Part II: Lambda lengths

Sy David Friedman; David Schrittesser
Projective measure without projective Baire

Olivier Frécon
Algebraic $\overline {\mathbb {Q}}$-groups as abstract groups

Kenji Fukaya; Yong-Guen Oh; Hiroshi Ohta; Kaoru Ono
Spectral invariants with bulk, quasimorphisms and Lagrangian Floer theory

Jeffrey Galkowski
Distribution of resonances in scattering by thin barriers

Jonathan Gantner
Operator theory on one-sided quaternionic linear spaces: Intrinsic $S$-functional calculus and spectral operators

Cristian Gavrus; Sung-Jin Oh
Global well-posedness of high dimensional Maxwell-Dirac for small critical data

William Goldman; Greg Mcshane; George Stantchev; Ser Poew Tan
Automorphisms of two-generator free groups and spaces of isometric actions on the hyperbolic plane

J. I. Hall
Moufang loops and groups with triality are essentially the same thing

Michael Handel; Lee Mosher
Subgroup decomposition on $\textrm {Out}(F_n)$

Matthew Harrison-Trainor
Degree spectra of relations on a cone

Kazuyuki Hatada
Hecke operators and systems of eigenvalues on Siegel cusp forms

J. William Helton; Igor Klep; Scott McCullough; Markus Schweighofer
Dilations, linear matrix inequalities, the matrix cube problem and beta distributions

Viktoria Heu; Frank Loray
Flat rank 2 vector bundles on genus two curves

Mike Hochman
On self-similar sets with overlaps and inverse theorems for entropy in $\mathbb {R}^d$

Werner Hoffmann; Satoshi Wakatsuki
On the geometric side of the Arthur trace formula for the symplectic group of rank 2

Shouhei Honda
Elliptic PDEs on compact Ricci limit spaces and applications

Chin-Yu Hsiao
Szegö kernel asymptotics for high power of CR line bundles and Kodaira embedding theorems on CR manifolds

Alexandru D. Ionescu; Fabio Pusateri
Global regularity for 2D water waves with surface tension

Bogdan Ion; Siddhartha Sahi
Double affine Hecke algebras and congruence groups

Hiroshi Iritani; Todor Milanov; Yongbin Ruan; Yefeng Shen
Gromov-Witten theory of quotient of Fermat Calabi-Yau varieties

Daniel C. Isaksen
Stable stems

Paata Ivanisvili; Dmitriy M. Stolyarov; Vasily I. Vasyunin; Pavel B. Zatitskiy
Bellman function for extremal problems in BMO II: Evolution

S. V. Ivanov
The bounded and precise word problems for presentations of groups

Benjamin Jaye; Fedor Nazarov; Maria Carmen Reguera; Xavier Tolsa
The Riesz transform of codimension smaller than one and the Wolff energy

Dominic Joyce
Algebraic geometry over $C^\infty $-rings

Yulia Karpeshina; Roman Shterenberg
Extended states for the Schrödinger operator with quasi-periodic potential in dimension two

Ines Kath; Martin Olbrich
Compact quotients of Cahen-Wallach spaces

Elias G. Katsoulis; Christopher Ramsey
Crossed products of operator algebras

Jun Kigami
Time changes of the Brownian motioin: Poincaré inequality, heat kernel estimate and protodistance

Joachim Krieger
On stability of type II blow up for the critical nonlinear wave equation on $\mathbb {R}^{3+1}$

Laurent Lazzarini; Jean-Pierre Marco; David Sauzin
Measure and capacity of wandering domains in Gevrey near-integrable exact symplectic systems

Francesco Lin
A Morse-Bott approach to monopole Floer homology and the triangulation conjecture

Robert Lipshitz; Peter S. Ozsvath; Dylan P. Thurston
Bordered Floer homology

Alastair J. Litterick
On non-generic finite subgroups of exceptional algebraic groups

Henri Lombardi; Daniel Perrucci; Marie-Françoise Roy
An elementary recursive bound for effective Positivstellensatz and Hilbert 17-th problem

Oliver Lorscheid; Thorsten Weist
Quiver Grassmanninas of type $\widetilde {D}_n$, part 1: Schubert systems and decompositions into affine spaces

Camille Male
Traffic distributions and independence: Permutation invariant random matrices and the three notions independence

Elizabeth Milićević; Petra Schwer; Anne Thomas
Dimensions of affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties: A new approach via labeled folded alcove walks and root operators

Mircea Mustaţă; Mihnea Popa
Hodge ideals

Alexander Joseph Nagel; Fulvio Ricci; Elias M. Stein; Stephen Wainger
Algebras of singular integral operators with kernels controlled by multiple norms

Jaroslav Nešetřil; Patrice Ossona de Mendez
A unified approach to structural limits and limits of graphs with bounded tree-depth

Paul-Emile Paradan; Michele Vergne
Witten non abelian localization for equivariant $K$-theory, and the $[Q,R]=0$ theorem

Stefan Patrikis
Variations on a theorem of Tate

Gabriella Pinzari
Perihelia reduction and global Kolmogorov tori in the planetary problem

Peter Poláčik
Propagating terraces and the dynamics of front-like solutions of reaction-diffusion equations on $\mathbb {R}$

Feliks Przytycki; Juan Rivera-Letelier
Geometric pressure for multimodal maps of the interval

Zhi Qi
Theory of fundamental Bessel functions of high rank

Harold Rosenberg; Graham Smith
Degree theory of immersed hypersurfaces

Andreas Seeger; Charles K. Smart; Brian Street
Multilinear singular integral forms of Christ-Journé type

Yorck Sommerhauser; Yongchang Zhu
Corrigenda to “Hopf algebras and congruence subgroups”

Tvrtko Tadić
Time-like graphical models

Adam R. Thomas
The irreducible subgroups of exceptional algebraic groups

Chen Wan
A local relative trace formula for the Ginzburg-Rallis model: The geometric side

Yuesheng Xu; Qi Ye
Generalized Mercer kernels and reproducing kernel banach spaces

Gang Zhou; Dan Knopf; Israel Michael Sigal
Neckpinch dynamics for asymmetric surfaces evolving by mean curvature flow