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Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
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Papers accepted for publication in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society which have not yet been published

Papers are displayed alphabetically by first author listed.

Articles for which AMS Early View is available:

Francesca Acquistapace, Fabrizio Broglia and Andreea Nicoara
A global Nullstellensatz for ideals of Denjoy-Carleman functions
(Primary MSC 26E10, 46E25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Ian M. Adelstein
Existence and non-existence of half-geodesics on $S^{2}$
(Primary MSC 53C22)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

David Alonso-Gutiérrez, Markus Passenbrunner and Joscha Prochno
Probabilistic estimates for tensor products of random vectors
(Primary MSC 46B99, 46B07, 46B28, 46B45)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Cody Armond and Moshe Cohen
The graded count of quasi-trees is not a knot invariant
(Primary MSC 57M25, 57M27, 57M15, 05C31, 05C10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Guillaume Aubrun, Fedor Sukochev and Dmitriy Zanin
Catalysis in the trace class and weak trace class ideals
(Primary MSC 47A80, 47B10, 47L20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Matthew Badger and Raanan Schul
Two sufficient conditions for rectifiable measures
(Primary MSC 28A75)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Dzmitry Badziahin and Jeffrey Shallit
An unusual continued fraction
(Primary MSC 11J70, 11J82)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Sanghoon Baek
Semiorthogonal decompositions for twisted Grassmannians
(Primary MSC 14C35, 14F05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Xueli Bai, Xiaoqing He and Fang Li
An optimization problem and its application in population dynamics
(Primary MSC 35B09, 35Q92)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Tobias Barthel
Chromatic completion
(Primary MSC 55P42, 55P60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Erhan Bayraktar and Zhou Zhou
On a stopping game in continuous time
(Primary MSC 60G40, 93E20, 91A10, 91A60, 60G07)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Verónica Becher, Yann Bugeaud and Theodore A. Slaman
The irrationality exponents of computable numbers
(Primary MSC 11J04)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

I. Berkes and R. Tichy
The Kadec-Pełczynski theorem in $L^{p}$, $1\le p<2$
(Primary MSC 46B09, 46B25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

L. Birbrair, A. Fernandes, T. D. Lê and J. E. Sampaio
Lipschitz regular complex algebraic sets are smooth
(Primary MSC 14B05, 32S50)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jonathan Bober, Emanuel Carneiro, Kevin Hughes, Dariusz Mirosław Kosz and Lillian B. Pierce
Corrigendum to “On a discrete version of Tanaka’s theorem for maximal functions"
(Primary MSC 42B25, 46E35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Christina Brech and Piotr Koszmider
An isometrically universal Banach space induced by a non-universal Boolean algebra
(Primary MSC 46B25, 03E35, 54D30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

W. R. Brian
Ramsey shadowing and minimal points
(Primary MSC 54H20, 37B20, 37B05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Markus Brodmann and Euisung Park
On linear projections of quadratic varieties
(Primary MSC 14H45, 13D02)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

José Brox, Antonio Fernandez Lopez and Miguel Gomez Lozano
Inner ideals of Lie algebras of skew elements of prime rings with involution
(Primary MSC 16W10, 17B60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yann Bugeaud
On a theorem of Wirsing in diophantine approximation
(Primary MSC 11J04)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Aynur Bulut
An optimal decay estimate for the linearized water wave equation in 2D
(Primary MSC 35Q35, 35Q55)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Giovanni Catino
On conformally flat manifolds with constant positive scalar curvature
(Primary MSC 53C20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jin Xi Chen and Anton R. Schep
Two-sided multiplication operators on the space of regular operators
(Primary MSC 46A40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Zhen-Qing Chen and Longmin Wang
Uniqueness of stable processes with drift
(Primary MSC 60H10, 47G20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jinseok Cho
Optimistic limit of the colored Jones polynomial and the existence of a solution
(Primary MSC 57M27)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Dohoon Choi, Subong Lim and Robert C. Rhoades
Mock modular forms and quantum modular forms
(Primary MSC 11F37)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Cheng Chu and Dmitry Khavinson
A note on the spectral area of Toeplitz operators
(Primary MSC 47B35, 30J99)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

J. Cilleruelo and M. Z. Garaev
On the congruence $x^{x}≡𝜆(modp)$
(Primary MSC 11A07)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Mihai Ciucu
Four factorization formulas for plane partitions
(Primary MSC 05A15, 05A17)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Alberto Corso, Claudia Polini and Maria Evelina Rossi
Bounds on the normal Hilbert coefficients
(Primary MSC 13A30, 13B21, 13D40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Graziano Crasta and Ilaria Fragalà
A $C^{1}$ regularity result for the inhomogeneous normalized infinity Laplacian
(Primary MSC 49K20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Alexandre I. Danilenko
Finite ergodic index and asymmetry for infinite measure preserving actions
(Primary MSC 37A40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Soumya Das and Satadal Ganguly
A note on small gaps between nonzero Fourier coefficients of cusp forms
(Primary MSC 11F30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Ana Grau de la Herrán
Comparison of T1 conditions for multiparameter operators
(Primary MSC 42B20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Margaret I. Doig
On the number of finite $p/q$ surgeries
(Primary MSC 51M09, 57M25, 57R65)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Chongying Dong and Qing Wang
Quantum dimensions and fusion rules for parafermion vertex operator algebras
(Primary MSC 17B69)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Josef G Dorfmeister
Kodaira dimension of Lefschetz fibrations over tori
(Primary MSC 53D35, 57R17)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Gabriel C. Drummond-Cole and Joseph Hirsh
Model structures for coalgebras
(Primary MSC 18D50, 55U30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Antonio J. Durán and Jorge Arvesú
Casorati type determinants of some q-classical orthogonal polynomials
(Primary MSC 42C05, 33C45)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Alexander Dyachenko and Galina van Bevern
On conjectures by Csordas, Charalambides and Waleffe
(Primary MSC 33C45, 26C10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Charles W. Eaton
Morita equivalence classes of 2-blocks of defect three
(Primary MSC 20C20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

L. D. Edholm and J. D. McNeal
The Bergman projection on fat Hartogs triangles: $L^{p}$ boundedness
(Primary MSC 32W05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Tyler J. Evans, Alice Fialowski and Michael Penkava
Restricted cohomology of modular Witt algebras
(Primary MSC 17B50, 17B56)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Julián Fernández Bonder, Juan Pablo Pinasco and Ariel Martin Salort
A Lyapunov type inequality for indefinite weights and eigenvalue homogenization
(Primary MSC 35P15, 35B27)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Christopher A. Francisco, Jeffrey Mermin and Jay Schweig
LCM lattices supporting pure resolutions
(Primary MSC 06A07, 13D02)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Nan Gao and Steffen Koenig
Double centraliser property and morphism categories
(Primary MSC 16E65, 18E05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Isaac A. García
The cyclicity of polynomial centers via the reduced Bautin depth
(Primary MSC 37G15, 37G10, 34C07)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Eusebio Gardella and Martino Lupini
Nonclassifiability of UHF $L^{p}$-operator algebras
(Primary MSC 47L10, 03E15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Apostolos Giannopoulos, Eleftherios Markessinis and Antonis Tsolomitis
Remarks on an inequality of Rogers-Shephard
(Primary MSC 52A21)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

David Goss
Polynomials of binomial type and Lucas’ theorem
(Primary MSC 11G09, 11R58, 12E10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Juan-Ru Gu and Hong-Wei Xu
A sharp differentiable pinching theorem for submanifolds in space forms
(Primary MSC 53C20, 53C24, 53C40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Anna Gundert and Uli Wagner
On topological minors in random simplicial complexes
(Primary MSC 55U10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Robert Michael Guralnick and Gabriel Navarro
Squaring a conjugacy class and cosets of normal subgroups
(Primary MSC 20D06)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Zoltán Halasi, Carolin Hannusch and Hung Ngoc Nguyen
The largest character degrees of the symmetric and alternating groups
(Primary MSC 20C30, 20C15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Emily Hamilton
Double coset separability of abelian subgroups of hyperbolic $n$-orbifold groups
(Primary MSC 20E26, 57M05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Wade Hindes
The Vojta conjecture implies Galois rigidity in dynamical families
(Primary MSC 14G05, 37P55)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Kevin Hughes, Ben Krause and Bartosz Trojan
The maximal function and conditional square function control the variation: An elementary proof
(Primary MSC 42B25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Axel Hultman
Supersolvability and the Koszul property of root ideal arrangements
(Primary MSC 52C35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Ryan Hynd and Erik Lindgren
Inverse iteration for $p$-ground states
(Primary MSC 35J70, 35J60, 35P30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

J. Iglesias, C. Lizana and A. Portela
Robust transitivity for endomorphisms admitting critical points
(Primary MSC 37D20, 37D30, 08A35, 35B38)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Akihiko Inoue, Yukio Kasahara and Mohsen Pourahmadi
The intersection of past and future for multivariate stationary processes
(Primary MSC 60G10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Mordechai Katzman, Gennady Lyubeznik and Wenliang Zhang
An extension of a theorem of Hartshorne
(Primary MSC 13D45, 13F55, 14B15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Philip Korman
Non-singular solutions of two-point problems, with multiple changes of sign in the nonlinearity
(Primary MSC 34B15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Robert A. Kucharczyk
On copies of the absolute Galois group in $Out ^{F}_{2}$
(Primary MSC 11G05, 11G32, 11R32, 14G25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Enrico Le Donne and Severine Rigot
Remarks about Besicovitch covering property in Carnot groups of step 3 and higher
(Primary MSC 28C15, 49Q15, 43A80)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Stephen Lester
On the variance of sums of divisor functions in short intervals
(Primary MSC 11N37, 11M06)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Xiaolong Li
Moduli of continuity for viscosity solutions
(Primary MSC 53C44)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Zhi Li
Shift Harnack inequality and integration by parts formula for functional SDEs driven by fractional Brownian motion
(Primary MSC 60H15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yi-Hsuan Lin
Strong unique continuation for a residual stress system with Gevrey coefficients
(Primary MSC 35J99)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Carlos Lizama
The Poisson distribution, abstract fractional difference equations, and stability
(Primary MSC 39A13, 39A14, 39A06, 39A60, 47D06, 47D99)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

D. S. Lubinsky, I. E. Pritsker and X. Xie
Expected number of real zeros for random linear combinations of orthogonal polynomials
(Primary MSC 30C15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Marcin Magdziarz and Tomasz Zorawik
Stochastic representation of fractional subdiffusion equation. The case of infinitely divisible waiting times, Lévy noise and space-time-dependent coefficients
(Primary MSC 60G51)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Maryanthe Malliaris and Anand Pillay
The stable regularity lemma revisited
(Primary MSC 03C45, 03C98, 05C75)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Shigenori Matsumoto
Weak form of equidistribution theorem for harmonic measures of foliations by hyperbolic surfaces
(Primary MSC 53C12)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Antonios D. Melas
An eigenfunction stability estimate for approximate extremals of the $L^{p}$ dyadic maximal operator Bellman function
(Primary MSC 42B25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Pengzi Miao and Luen-Fai Tam
Evaluation of the ADM mass and center of mass via the Ricci tensor
(Primary MSC 83C99)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Shahaf Nitzan, Alexander Olevskii and Alexander Ulanovskii
Exponential frames on unbounded sets
(Primary MSC 42A38, 42C15, 94A12)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Ivan Nourdin, David Nualart and Giovanni Peccati
Strong asymptotic independence on Wiener chaos
(Primary MSC 60F05, 60H07, 60G15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Liviu Ornea and Misha Verbitsky
Locally conformally Kähler metrics obtained from pseudoconvex shells
(Primary MSC 53C55, 53C25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Stefan Richter and James Sunkes
Hankel operators, invariant subspaces, and cyclic vectors in the Drury-Arveson space
(Primary MSC 47A15, 47B35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Anna Siffert
Classification of isoparametric hypersurfaces in spheres with $(g,m)=(6,1)$
(Primary MSC 53C40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

David Simmons and Yaar Solomon
A Danzer set for axis parallel boxes
(Primary MSC 54H20, 65D18, 68R01)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Masakazu Teragaito
Generalized torsion elements in the knot groups of twist knots
(Primary MSC 57M25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

D. K. Thomas
On the logarithmic coefficients of close to convex functions
(Primary MSC 30C45)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Vladimir G. Tkachev
On the non-vanishing property for real analytic solutions of the $p$-Laplace equation
(Primary MSC 17A30, 35J92)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Vilmos Totik
A subharmonicity property of harmonic measures
(Primary MSC 31C12, 31A15, 60J45)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Douglas Ulmer
Conductors of $ℓ$-adic representations
(Primary MSC 11F80)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Lauren K. Williams
A positive Grassmannian analogue of the permutohedron
(Primary MSC 05E99)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Semyon Yakubovich
The affirmative solution to Salem’s problem
(Primary MSC 42A16, 42B10, 44A15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Tomoo Yokoyama
A topological characterization for non-wandering surface flows
(Primary MSC 37E35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Articles accepted prior to AMS Early View implementation:

Akhtar, Mohammad; Coates, Tom; Corti, Alessio; Heuberger, Liana; Kasprzyk, Alexander; Oneto, Alessandro; Petracci, Andrea; Prince, Thomas; Tveiten, Ketil
Mirror symmetry and the classification of orbifold del Pezzo surfaces

Amdeberhan, Tewodros
Explicit computations with the divided symmetrization operator

Andersson, Fredrik; Carlsson, Marcus; Perfekt, Karl-Mikael
Operator-Lipschitz estimates for the singular value functional calculus

Andrews, Uri; Guingona, Vincent
A local characterization of VC-minimality

Anoop, T. V.; Dr\'abek, P.; Sasi, Sarath
On the structure of the second eigenfunctions of the $p$-Laplacian on a ball

Baader, Sebastian; Dehornoy, Pierre
Trefoil plumbing

Balogh, Zolt\'an; Iseli, Annina
Dimensions of projections of sets on Riemannian surfaces of constant curvature

Banakh, Taras; Ralowski, Robert; \.Zeberski, Szymon
Classifying invariant $\sigma$-ideals with analytic base on good Cantor measure spaces

Bhowmik, B.; Satpati, G.; Sugawa, T.
Quasiconformal extension of meromorphic functions with nonzero pole

Bibby, Christin
Cohomology of abelian arrangements

Bobie\'nski, Marcin; Gavrilov, Lubomir
Finite cyclicity of quadratic slow-fast Darboux systems with a two saddle-loop

Bonahon, Francis; Wong, Helen
The Witten-Reshetikhin-Turaev representation of the Kauffman skein algebra

Bounemoura, Abed; Kaloshin, Vadim
A note on micro-instability for Hamiltonian systems close to integrable

Bowler, Nathan; Geschke, Stefan
Self-dual uniform matroids on infinite sets

Carando, Daniel; Defant, Andreas; Sevilla-Peris, Pablo
The Bohnenblust-Hille-Helson type inequality

Cass, Robert
The Chowla-Selberg formula for quartic Abelian CM fields

Chen, William; Huang, Harry; Wang, Larry
Average size of a self-conjugate $(s,t)$-core partition

Cheskidov, Alexey; Zaya, Karen
Regularizing effect of the forward energy cascade in the inviscid dyadic model

Christianson, Katherine; Golubuff, Justin; Hamann, Linus; Varadaraj, Srikar
Non-left-orderable surgeries on twisted torus knots

Dao, Hailong; Watanabe, Kei-Ichi
Some computations of generalized Hilbert-Kunz function and multiplicity

Davis, James
Any finite group acts freely and homologically trivially on a product of spheres

Dimitrov, Dimitar; dos Santos, Eliel
Asymptotic behaviour of Jacobi polynomials and their zeros

Dumav, Martin; Stinchcombe, Maxwell
Skorohod's representation theorem for sets of probabilities

Duoandikoetxea, Javier; Moyua, Adela; Oruetxebarria, Osane
Estimates for radial solutions to the wave equation

El-Fallah, O.; Kellay, K.
Nevanlinna counting function and pull-back measure

Epstein, Neil; Shapiro, Jay
A Dedekind-Mertens theorem for power series rings

Farrell, Brendan; Vershynin, Roman
Smoothed analysis of symmetric random matrices with continuous distributions

Florentin, D.; Milman, V.; Schneider, R.
A characterization of the mixed discriminant

Fokam, Jean-Marcel
Multiplicity and regularity of large periodic solutions with rational frequency for a class of semilinear monotone wave equations

Forn\ae ss, John; Wold, Erlend
Non-autonomous basins with uniform bounds are elliptic

Frisch, Joshua; Tamuz, Omer
Transitive graphs uniquely determined by their local structure

Galego, El\' oi; Samuel, Christian
The subprojectivity of the projective tensor product of two $C(K)$ spaces with $|K|=\aleph_{0}$

Gao, Emma; Yang, Arthur
A bijective proof of the hook-length formula for standard immaculate tableaux

Gao, Hongwei
Strain induced slowdown of front propagation in random shear flow via analysis of G-equations

Gardiner, Stephen; Manolaki, Myrto
A convergence theorem for harmonic measures with applications to Taylor series

Giambruno, Antonio; Mishchenko, Sergey
Degrees of irreducible characters of the symmetric group and exponential growth

Hertweck, Martin
On torsion units in integral group rings of Frobenius groups

Inui, Takahisa
Some nonexistence results for a semirelativistic Schr\"odinger equation with nongauge power type nonlinearity

Ismail, Mourad; Rahman, Mizan
Diophantine properties of orthogonal polynomials and rational functions

Kahler, Stefan
Characterizations of ultraspherical polynomials and their $q$-analogues

Kanel-Belov, Alexey; Malev, Sergey; Rowen, Louis
The images of multilinear polynomials evaluated on $3\times 3$ matrices

Kwon, Hyun-Kyoung; Netyanun, Anupan; Trent, Tavan
An analytic approach to the degree bound in the Nullstellensatz

Lopez, Adele
Kummer congruences arising from the mirror symmetry of an elliptic curve

Lysenok, Igor; Ushakov, Alexander
Spherical quadratic equations in free metabelian groups

Mayeli, Azita
A unified approach for Littlewood-Paley decomposition of abstract Besov spaces

Miheisi, Nazar
Algebras generated by inner functions

Neumann, Walter; Tsvietkova, Anastasiia
Intercusp geodesics and the invariant trace field of hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Pasten, Hector; Sun, Chia-Liang
Multiplicative subgroups avoiding linear relations in finite fields and a local-global principle

Rafi, Kasra; Tao, Jing
Uniform growth rate

Rosales, Leobardo
A H\"older estimate for entire solutions to the two-valued minimal surface equation

Siudeja, Bart\l omiej
On mixed Dirichlet-Neumann eigenvalues of triangles

von Bodecker, Hanno
A note on the double quaternionic transfer and its $f$--invariant

Wu, Jian; Xu, Xindong
A KAM theorem for some partial differential equations in one dimension

Wu, Jie
A new characterization of geodesic spheres in the hyperbolic space

Wu, Yunhui
A note on Riemannian metrics on the moduli space of Riemann surfaces

Yang, Dilian
Cycline subalgebras of $k$-graph $C*$-algebras

Zhang, Shiwen
Mixed spectral types for one frequency discrete quasi-periodic Schr\"odinger operator

Zhou, Yuanyang
On the $p'$-extensions of inertial blocks

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