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Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
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Papers accepted for publication in Transactions of the American Mathematical Society which have not yet been published

Papers are displayed alphabetically by first author listed.

Articles for which AMS Early View is available:

Spyros Alexakis and Arick Shao
On the profile of energy concentration at blow-up points for subconformal focusing nonlinear waves
(Primary MSC 35L70)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Lluís Alsedà, David Juher and Francesc Mañosas
On the minimum positive entropy for cycles on trees
(Primary MSC 37E15, 37E25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yago Antolín and Laura Ciobanu
Finite generating sets of relatively hyperbolic groups and applications to geodesic languages
(Primary MSC 20F65, 20F10, 20F67, 68Q45)
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Cédric Arhancet, Stephan Fackler and Christian Le Merdy
Isometric dilations and $H^{∞}$ calculus for bounded analytic semigroups and Ritt operators
(Primary MSC 47A60)
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Sara Arias-de-Reyna, Luis Dieulefait and Gabor Wiese
Compatible systems of symplectic Galois representations and the inverse Galois problem I. Images of projective representations
(Primary MSC 11F80, 20C25, 12F12)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Goulnara Arzhantseva and Liviu Păunescu
Linear sofic groups and algebras
(Primary MSC 20E26, 20C07, 16N99, 03C20, 20F70)
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Arvind Ayyer and Svante Linusson
Correlations in the multispecies TASEP and a conjecture by Lam
(Primary MSC 05A05, 05A17, 20F55, 60K35, 82C22)
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Krzysztof Barański, Núria Fagella, Xavier Jarque and Bogusława Karpińska
Accesses to infinity from Fatou components
(Primary MSC 30D05, 37F10, 30D30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Selçuk Barlak and Gábor Szabó
Rokhlin actions of finite groups on UHF-absorbing $\mathrm{C}^{*}$-algebras
(Primary MSC 46L55, 46L35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

E. N. Barron, M. Bocea and R. R. Jensen
Duality for the $L^{∞}$ optimal transport problem
(Primary MSC 35F21, 49J35, 49J45, 49K30, 49L25, 49Q20)
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Catherine Bénéteau, Greg Knese, Łukasz Kosiński, Constanze Liaw, Daniel Seco and Alan Sola
Cyclic polynomials in two variables
(Primary MSC 32A37, 47A13)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

S Berhanu and Ming Xiao
On the regularity of CR mappings between CR manifolds of hypersurface type
(Primary MSC 32V05, 32V10, 32V20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Sandro Bettin
On the reciprocity law for the twisted second moment of Dirichlet $L$-functions
(Primary MSC 11M06)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Ian Biringer and Omer Tamuz
Unimodularity of invariant random subgroups
(Primary MSC 28C10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Pradeep Boggarapu, Luz Roncal and Sundaram Thangavelu
Mixed norm estimates for the Cesàro means associated with Dunkl-Hermite expansions
(Primary MSC 42C10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Károly J. Böröczky and Daniel Hug
Isotropic measures and stronger forms of the reverse isoperimetric inequality
(Primary MSC 52A40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

A. Bostan, I. Kurkova and K. Raschel
A human proof of Gessel’s lattice path conjecture
(Primary MSC 05A15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Lewis Bowen, Yair Hartman and Omer Tamuz
Generic stationary measures and actions
(Primary MSC 37A35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Michael Brannan, Benoît Collins and Roland Vergnioux
The Connes embedding property for quantum group von Neumann algebras
(Primary MSC 46L65, 46L54, 20G42, 22D25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Kathrin Bringmann and René Olivetto
Kac-Wakimoto characters and non-holomorphic Jacobi forms
(Primary MSC 11F03, 11F22, 11F37, 11F50)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Matheus Brito and Evgeny Mukhin
Representations of quantum affine algebra of type $B_{N}$
(Primary MSC 17B37)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Olivier Brunat and Jean-Baptiste Gramain
Perfect isometries and Murnaghan-Nakayama rules
(Primary MSC 20C30, 20C15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

O. Buse, R. Hind and E. Opshtein
Packing stability for symplectic $4$-manifolds
(Primary MSC 53D05, 57R17)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jack Buttcane
The spectral Kuznetsov formula on $SL(3)$
(Primary MSC 11F72)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Oliver Butterley and Peyman Eslami
Exponential mixing for skew products with discontinuities
(Primary MSC 37A25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Emanuel Carneiro and José Madrid
Derivative bounds for fractional maximal functions
(Primary MSC 26A45, 42B25, 39A12, 46E35, 46E39)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Thierry Cazenave, Daoyuan Fang and Zheng Han
Local well-posedness for the $H^{2}$-critical nonlinear Schrödinger equation
(Primary MSC 35Q55)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Laurent Charles
Asymptotic properties of the quantum representations of the mapping class group
(Primary MSC 14D21, 34E10, 53Z05, 53D30, 58Z05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Tsao-Hsien Chen and Masoud Kamgarpour
Preservation of depth in local geometric Langlands correspondence
(Primary MSC 17B67, 17B69, 22E50, 20G25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Luca Chiantini, Giorgio Ottaviani and Nick Vannieuwenhoven
On generic identifiability of symmetric tensors of subgeneric rank
(Primary MSC 14C20, 14N05, 14Q15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

CheeWhye Chin and De-Qi Zhang
Rationality of homogeneous varieties
(Primary MSC 14E08, 14M17, 14M20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Elisabetta Chiodaroli and Joachim Krieger
A class of large global solutions for the wave-map equation
(Primary MSC 35L05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yacine Chitour, Guilherme Mazanti and Mario Sigalotti
Persistently damped transport on a network of circles
(Primary MSC 35R02, 35B35, 35C05, 35L40, 93C20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Boo Rim Choe, Hyungwoon Koo and Wayne Smith
Difference of composition operators over the half-plane
(Primary MSC 47B33)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Adam Coffman, Yifei Pan and Yuan Zhang
Continuous solutions of nonlinear Cauchy-Riemann equations and pseudoholomorphic curves in normal coordinates
(Primary MSC 35J46)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Chris Connell and Matilde Martínez
Harmonic and invariant measures on foliated spaces
(Primary MSC 37C40, 53C12, 58J65)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jean-Pierre Conze, Tomasz Downarowicz and Jacek Serafin
Correlation of sequences and of measures, generic points for joinings and ergodicity of certain cocycles
(Primary MSC 37A05, 37A20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Diego Córdoba and Tania Pernas-Castaño
Non-splat singularity for the one-phase Muskat problem
(Primary MSC 35Q35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Thomas Creutzig and Andrew R. Linshaw
Orbifolds of symplectic fermion algebras
(Primary MSC 13A50, 17B69)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

David Cruz-Uribe and Li-An Daniel Wang
Extrapolation and weighted norm inequalities in the variable Lebesgue spaces
(Primary MSC 42B25, 42B35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Wojciech Cygan, Tomasz Grzywny and Bartosz Trojan
Asymptotic behavior of densities of unimodal convolution semigroups
(Primary MSC 60J75, 47D06, 60G51)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Maud De Visscher and Paul P. Martin
On Brauer algebra simple modules over the complex field
(Primary MSC 16G30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Laurent Dietrich
Velocity enhancement of reaction-diffusion fronts by a line of fast diffusion
(Primary MSC 35H10, 35K57)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Margaret I. Doig and Peter D. Horn
On the intersection ring of graph manifolds
(Primary MSC 57M27)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Nguyen Ngoc Dong Quan
The classical umbral calculus, and the flow of a Drinfeld module
(Primary MSC 05A40, 11G09)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Krzysztof Dorobisz
The inverse problem for universal deformation rings and the special linear group
(Primary MSC 11F80)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Stéphane Druel
On foliations with nef anti-canonical bundle
(Primary MSC 37F75)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Polona Durcik
$L^{p}$ estimates for a singular entangled quadrilinear form
(Primary MSC 42B15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Kenneth J. Dykema, Claus Köstler and John D. Williams
Quantum symmetric states on free product $C^{*}$-algebras
(Primary MSC 46L53)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Ido Efrat and Ján Mináč
Galois groups and cohomological functors
(Primary MSC 12G05, 12E30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Márton Elekes, Viktor Kiss and Zoltán Vidnyánszky
Ranks on the Baire class $𝜉$ functions
(Primary MSC 26A21)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

John B Etnyre, Rafal Komendarczyk and Patrick Massot
Quantitative Darboux theorems in contact geometry
(Primary MSC 53D10, 53D35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Steven N. Evans and Ilya Molchanov
The semigroup of metric measure spaces and its infinitely divisible probability measures
(Primary MSC 43A05, 60B15, 60E07, 60G51)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

M. Filali and J. Galindo
Interpolation sets and the size of quotients of function spaces on a locally compact group
(Primary MSC 22D15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Franco Flandoli, Elena Issoglio and Francesco Russo
Multidimensional stochastic differential equations with distributional drift
(Primary MSC 60H10, 35K10, 60H30, 35B65)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Athanassios S. Fokas, A. Alexandrou Himonas and Dionyssios Mantzavinos
The nonlinear Schrödinger equation on the half-line
(Primary MSC 35Q55, 35G16, 35G31)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Nikos Frantzikinakis and Bernard Host
Multiple ergodic theorems for arithmetic sets
(Primary MSC 37A45)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jason Fulman and Robert Michael Guralnick
Derangements in subspace actions of finite classical groups
(Primary MSC 20G40, 20B15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

A. V. Geramita, B. Harbourne, J. Migliore and U. Nagel
Matroid configurations and symbolic powers of their ideals
(Primary MSC 14N20, 14M05, 05B35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jeffrey S. Geronimo and Plamen Iliev
Bernstein-Szegő measures, Banach algebras, and scattering theory
(Primary MSC 47B36, 42C05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Riccardo Ghiloni, Alessandro Perotti and Caterina Stoppato
The algebra of slice functions
(Primary MSC 30G35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Dragos Ghioca and Thomas Scanlon
Density of orbits of endomorphisms of abelian varieties
(Primary MSC 11G10, 14G25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Felipe Gonçalves
Interpolation formulas with derivatives in de Branges spaces
(Primary MSC 46E22, 30D10, 41A05, 41A30, 33C10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Maria Gordina and Thomas Laetsch
A convergence to Brownian motion on sub-Riemannian manifolds
(Primary MSC 60J65)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Wayne Grey and Gord Sinnamon
The inclusion problem for mixed-norm spaces
(Primary MSC 46E30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Alexander Grigor’yan and Naotaka Kajino
Localized upper bounds of heat kernels for diffusions via a multiple Dynkin-Hunt formula
(Primary MSC 35K08, 60J35, 60J60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Sophie Grivaux
Some new examples of universal hypercyclic operators in the sense of Glasner and Weiss
(Primary MSC 47A16, 37A35, 47A35, 47B35, 47B37)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Simon Guest and Pablo Spiga
Finite primitive groups and regular orbits of group elements
(Primary MSC 20B15, 20H30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Dominique Guillot, Apoorva Khare and Bala Rajaratnam
Preserving positivity for matrices with sparsity constraints
(Primary MSC 15B48)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Dominique Guillot, Apoorva Khare and Bala Rajaratnam
Preserving positivity for rank-constrained matrices
(Primary MSC 15B48)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Shaoming Guo
Hilbert transform along measurable vector fields constant on Lipschitz curves: $L^{p}$ boundedness
(Primary MSC 42B20, 42B25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

C. Douglas Haessig and Steven Sperber
Symmetric power $L$-functions for families of generalized Kloosterman sums
(Primary MSC 11L05, 14D10, 14F30, 14G15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Bernard Helffer and Ayman Kachmar
Eigenvalues for the Robin Laplacian in domains with variable curvature
(Primary MSC 35P15, 47F05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

J. Heller and K. Ormsby
Galois equivariance and stable motivic homotopy theory
(Primary MSC 14F42, 55P91)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yaozhong Hu and Khoa N. Lê
Nonlinear Young integrals and differential systems in Hölder media
(Primary MSC 60H30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Ryan Hynd
Compactness methods for doubly nonlinear parabolic systems
(Primary MSC 35B65, 35K40, 35K55, 35P30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Colin Ingalls and Charles Paquette
Homological dimensions for co-rank one idempotent subalgebras
(Primary MSC 16E10, 16G20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Atsushi Ito
On birational geometry of the space of parametrized rational curves in Grassmannians
(Primary MSC 14C20, 14M99)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Johannes Jaerisch and Hiroki Sumi
Dynamics of infinitely generated nicely expanding rational semigroups and the inducing method
(Primary MSC 30D05, 37F15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Kasia Jankiewicz
The fundamental theorem of cubical small cancellation theory
(Primary MSC 20F65, 20F67)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Long Jin
Semiclassical Cauchy estimates and applications
(Primary MSC 35J10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Christian Johansson and Francesc Fité
On the Sato-Tate conjecture for non-generic abelian surfaces
(Primary MSC 11F80, 11G10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Hisashi Kasuya
Central theorems for cohomologies of certain solvable groups
(Primary MSC 20F16, 20G10, 20J06, 22E41)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Elias G. Katsoulis
Local maps and the representation theory of operator algebras
(Primary MSC 46L08, 47B49, 47L40, 47L65)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

James P. Kelliher
Observations on the vanishing viscosity limit
(Primary MSC 76D05, 76B99, 76D10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Matthew Kennedy and Paul Skoufranis
Thompson’s theorem for $II_{1}$ factors
(Primary MSC 46L10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Apoorva Khare
Standard parabolic subsets of highest weight modules
(Primary MSC 17B10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Olga Kharlampovich, Atefeh Mohajeri, Alexander Taam and Alina Vdovina
Quadratic equations in hyperbolic groups are NP-complete
(Primary MSC 20F10, 20F65, 20F67)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Mikhail Khovanov and Joshua Sussan
A categorification of the positive half of quantum $gl(m|1)$
(Primary MSC 16E20, 16E35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Dinesh Khurana, T. Y. Lam and Pace P. Nielsen
Exchange elements in rings, and the equation $XA-BX=I$
(Primary MSC 16E50, 16U99)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Daehong Kim and Kazuhiro Kuwae
Analytic characterizations of gaugeability for generalized Feynman-Kac functionals
(Primary MSC 31C25, 60J45, 60J57)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Joachim Kock and Wolfgang Pitsch
Hochster duality in derived categories and point-free reconstruction of schemes
(Primary MSC 18E30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Zemer Kosloff
A universal divergence rate for symmetric Birkhoff sums in infinite ergodic theory
(Primary MSC 37A17, 37A30, 37A40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Ulf Kühn and Jan Steffen Müller
Lower bounds on the arithmetic self-intersection number of the relative dualizing sheaf on arithmetic surfaces
(Primary MSC 14G40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Frank Kutzschebauch, Finnur Lárusson and Gerald W. Schwarz
Homotopy principles for equivariant isomorphisms
(Primary MSC 32M05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Raphaël Lachièze-Rey and Sergio Vega
Boundary density and Voronoi set estimation for irregular sets
(Primary MSC 60D05, 60F05, 28A80)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

A. Languasco, A. Perelli and A. Zaccagnini
An extended pair-correlation conjecture and primes in short intervals
(Primary MSC 11M26, 11N05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Arkady G. Leiderman, Sidney A. Morris and Mikhail G. Tkachenko
Density character of subgroups of topological groups
(Primary MSC 54D65)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Zhiqiang Li
Periodic points and the measure of maximal entropy of an expanding Thurston map
(Primary MSC 37D20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Tye Lidman and Allison H. Moore
Cosmetic surgery in L-spaces and nugatory crossings
(Primary MSC 57M25, 57M27)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Xingjun Lin
Mirror extensions of rational vertex operator algebras
(Primary MSC 17B69)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Gongxiang Liu, Fred Van Oystaeyen and Yinhuo Zhang
Quasi-Frobenius-Lusztig kernels for simple Lie algebras
(Primary MSC 17B37)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Qing Liu and Jilong Tong
Néron models of algebraic curves
(Primary MSC 14H25, 14G20, 14G40, 11G35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yi Liu
A characterization of virtually embedded subsurfaces in 3-manifolds
(Primary MSC 57M05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Xin Lu and Kang Zuo
On the slope of hyperelliptic fibrations with positive relative irregularity
(Primary MSC 14D06, 14H10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Daniela Anca Măcinic, Ştefan Papadima, Clement Radu Popescu and Alexander I. Suciu
Flat connections and resonance varieties: From rank one to higher ranks
(Primary MSC 55N25, 55P62)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Guillermo Mantilla-Soler
The spinor genus of the integral trace
(Primary MSC 11E12, 11R04, 11S99)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

José María Martell and Cruz Prisuelos-Arribas
Weighted Hardy spaces associated with elliptic operators. Part I: Weighted norm inequalities for conical square functions.
(Primary MSC 42B30, 42B25, 35J15, 47A60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Tao Mei and Mikael de la Salle
Complete boundedness of heat semigroups on the von Neumann algebra of hyperbolic groups
(Primary MSC 20E05, 20F67, 43A22)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Karin Melnick and Katharina Neusser
Strongly essential flows on irreducible parabolic geometries
(Primary MSC 53B15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Margarida Melo, Antonio Rapagnetta and Filippo Viviani
Fine compactified Jacobians of reduced curves
(Primary MSC 14D20, 14H40, 14H60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Quentin Menet
Linear chaos and frequent hypercyclicity
(Primary MSC 47A16)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Alexander S. Merkurjev
Motivic decomposition of certain special linear groups
(Primary MSC 20G15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Abdelhamid Meziani
Normalization and solvability of vector fields near trapped orbits
(Primary MSC 35F05, 34K17)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Emanuel Milman
Beyond traditional Curvature-Dimension I: New model spaces for isoperimetric and concentration inequalities in negative dimension
(Primary MSC 32F32, 53C21, 39B62, 58J50)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Mariusz Mirek, Bartosz Trojan and Pavel Zorin-Kranich
Variational estimates for averages and truncated singular integrals along the prime numbers
(Primary MSC 37A45)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

H. Mitake and H. Tran
Weakly coupled systems of the infinity Laplace equations
(Primary MSC 35D40, 35J47, 35J70)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Swarnava Mukhopadhyay
Rank-level duality of conformal blocks for odd orthogonal Lie algebras is genus 0
(Primary MSC 17B67, 14H60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Khoa D. Nguyen
On modules of integral elements over finitely generated domains
(Primary MSC 11D61)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Se-jin Oh
Auslander-Reiten quiver of type A and generalized quantum affine Schur-Weyl duality
(Primary MSC 05E10, 16T30, 17B37)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Chol Park
Reduction modulo $p$ of certain semi-stable representations
(Primary MSC 11F80)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Carlos E. Parra and Manuel Saorín
Hearts of t-structures in the derived category of a commutative Noetherian ring
(Primary MSC 18E30, 13Dxx, 14-XX, 16Exx)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Markus Perling and Stefan Schröer
Vector bundles on proper toric 3-folds and certain other schemes
(Primary MSC 14J60, 14M25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Camelia A. Pop
Existence, uniqueness and the strong Markov property of solutions to Kimura diffusions with singular drift
(Primary MSC 60J60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Geoffrey Powell
On the $BP⟨n⟩$-cohomology of elementary abelian $p$-groups
(Primary MSC 55N20, 55N22, 20J06)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Rachel Pries and Douglas Ulmer
Arithmetic of abelian varieties in Artin-Schreier extensions
(Primary MSC 11G10, 11G40, 14G05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Nicolas Radu
A topological characterization of the Moufang property for compact polygons
(Primary MSC 20E42, 51E24)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Christopher Rasmussen and Akio Tamagawa
Arithmetic of abelian varieties with constrained torsion
(Primary MSC 11G10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

F. Rehren
Generalised dihedral subalgebras from the Monster
(Primary MSC 13M10, 15A18, 17D99)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jean N. Renault and Dana P. Williams
Amenability of groupoids arising from partial semigroup actions and topological higher rank graphs
(Primary MSC 22A22, 46L55, 46L05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Morten S. Risager and Anders Södergren
Angles in hyperbolic lattices: The pair correlation density
(Primary MSC 11N45)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Leonel Robert and Aaron Tikuisis
Nuclear dimension and $\mathcal{Z}$-stability of non-simple $\mathrm{C}*$-algebras
(Primary MSC 46L35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

R. Romanov
Order problem for canonical systems and a conjecture of Valent
(Primary MSC 34L15, 47B36)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

H. Roncalver
Some properties of $a$-minimally thin sets and $a$-rarefied sets with respect to the Schrödinger operator on tubes
(Primary MSC 31B05, 35J05, 35J10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jeremy Rouse and Jesse Thorner
The explicit Sato-Tate conjecture and densities pertaining to Lehmer-type questions
(Primary MSC 11F30, 11M41)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Angkana Rüland
On quantitative unique continuation properties of fractional Schrödinger equations: Doubling, vanishing order and nodal domain estimates
(Primary MSC 35R11, 35A02)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Peter Schauenburg
Module categories of finite Hopf algebroids, and self-duality
(Primary MSC 16Txx, 18D10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

René L. Schilling and Zoran Vondraček
Absolute continuity and singularity of probability measures induced by a purely discontinuous Girsanov transform of a stable process
(Primary MSC 60J55)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Kai-Uwe Schmidt
The correlation measures of finite sequences: Limiting distributions and minimum values
(Primary MSC 11K45)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Wenxian Shen and Zhongwei Shen
Stability, uniqueness and recurrence of generalized traveling waves in time heterogeneous media of ignition type
(Primary MSC 35C07, 35K55, 35K57, 92D25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yuichi Shiozawa
Escape rate of symmetric jump-diffusion processes
(Primary MSC 31C25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Daniel Smertnig
Every abelian group is the class group of a simple Dedekind domain
(Primary MSC 16E60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Roy Smith and Robert Varley
On parametrizing exceptional tangent cones to Prym theta divisors
(Primary MSC 14H40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

M. Stephen and V. Yaskin
Stability results for sections of convex bodies
(Primary MSC 52A20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Betsy Stovall
Linear and bilinear restriction to certain rotationally symmetric hypersurfaces
(Primary MSC 42)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Nadezda Sukhorukova and Julien Ugon
Characterization theorem for best polynomial spline approximation with free knots
(Primary MSC 49J52, 90C26, 41A15, 41A50)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Mattia Talpo
Moduli of parabolic sheaves on a polarized logarithmic scheme
(Primary MSC 14D20, 14D23)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Adam Topaz
Abelian-by-central Galois groups of fields I: A formal description
(Primary MSC 12G05, 12F10, 20J06, 20E18)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Cristian Virdol
Titchmarch divisor problem for abelian varieties of type I, II, III and IV
(Primary MSC 11G10, 11G15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jing Wang, Jiangong You and Qi Zhou
Response solutions for quasi-periodically forced harmonic oscillators
(Primary MSC 37J40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Ming-Xi Wang
A dynamical Mordell Lang property on the disk
(Primary MSC 11Z05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Michael Winkler
How far do chemotaxis-driven forces influence regularity in the Navier-Stokes system?
(Primary MSC 35B65, 35B40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Lei Wu
Vanishing and injectivity theorems for Hodge modules
(Primary MSC 14D07, 14F10, 14F17)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yakun Xi
On Kakeya-Nikodym type maximal inequalities
(Primary MSC 42B25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Dachun Yang and Wen Yuan
Pointwise characterizations of Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces in terms of averages on balls
(Primary MSC 46E35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Shilin Yu
The Dolbeault dga of a formal neighborhood
(Primary MSC 18D20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Aaram Yun
Discrete subgroups of the special linear group with thin limit sets
(Primary MSC 22E40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Wenmeng Zhang, Kening Lu and Weinian Zhang
Differentiability of the conjugacy in the Hartman-Grobman theorem
(Primary MSC 35B40)
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Adams, Terrence; Nobel, Andrew
Entropy and the uniform mean ergodic theorem for a family of sets

Alexander, James; Fitzpatrick, Patrick
Spectral flow is a complete invariant for detecting bifurcation of critical points

Aschenbrenner, Matthias; Dolich, Alf; Haskell, Deirdre; MacPherson, Dugald; Starchenko, Sergei
Vapnik-Chervonenkis density in some theories without the independence property, I

Attouchi, Amal; Souplet, Philippe
Single point gradient blow-up on the boundary for a Hamilton-Jacobi equation with $p$-Laplacian diffusion

Baccelli, Francois; Tran, Ngoc
Zeros of random tropical polynomials, random polygons and stick-breaking

Baek, Sanghoon
Chow groups of products of Severi-Brauer varieties and invariants of degree 3

Bakhtin, Yuri; \'Swi\k ech, Andrzej
Scaling limits for conditional diffusion exit problems and asymptotics for nonlinear elliptic equations

Balister, Paul; Bollob\'as, B\'ela; Przykucki, Micha\l{}; Smith, Paul
Subcritical $\mathcal{U}$-bootstrap percolation models have non-trivial phase transitions

Balogh, J\'ozsef; Morris, Robert; Samotij, Wojciech; Warnke, Lutz
The typical structure of sparse $K_{r+1}$-free graphs

Bates, Peter; Fusco, Giorgio; Jin, Jiayin
Invariant manifolds of interior multi-spike states for the Cahn-Hilliard equation in higher space dimensions

Baumslag, Gilbert; Mikhailov, Roman; Orr, Kent
Localization, metabelian groups, and the isomorphism problem

Bekjan, Turdebek; Chen, Zeqian; Os\k ekowski, Adam
Noncommutative maximal inequalities associated with convex functions

Bell, Jason; Heinle, Albert; Levandovskyy, Viktor
On noncommutative finite factorization domains

Bernardes, Nilson, Jr.; Vermersch, R\^ omulo
On the dynamics of induced maps on the space of probability measures

Bernik, Janez; Marcoux, Laurent; Popov, Alexey; Radjavi, Heydar
On selfadjoint extensions of semigroups of partial isometries

Bhatwadekar, S.; Gupta, Neena; Lokhande, Swapnil
Some $K$-theoretic properties of the kernel of a locally nilpotent derivation on $k[X_1, \dots, X_4]$

Bia\l as-Cie\. z, Leokadia; Calvi, Jean-Paul
Homogeneous minimal polynomials with prescribed interpolation conditions

Bickel, Kelly; Knese, Greg
Canonical Agler decompositions and transfer function realizations

Biringer, Ian; Bou-Rabee, Khalid; Kassabov, Martin; Matucci, Francesco
Intersection growth in groups

Bisch, Dietmar; Jones, Vaughan; Liu, Zhengwei
Singly generated planar algebras of small dimension, part III

Bizo\'n, Piotr; Mach, Patryk
Global dynamics of a Yang-Mills field on an asymptotically hyperbolic space

Blatt, Simon; Reiter, Philipp; Schikorra, Armin
Harmonic analysis meets critical knots--Critical points of the M\"obius energy are smooth

Bowen, Lewis; Grigorchuk, Rostislav; Kravchenko, Rostyslav
Characteristic random subgroups of geometric groups and free abelian groups of infinite rank

Boyland, Philip; de Carvalho, Andr\'e; Hall, Toby
On digit frequencies in $\beta$-expansions

Brownlowe, Nathan; Larsen, Nadia; Stammeier, Nicolai
On $C^*$-algebras associated to right LCM semigroups

Brown, Lawrence G.
On higher real and stable ranks for $CCR\ C*$-algebras

Brudnyi, A.; Kinzebulatov, D.
Kohn decomposition for forms on coverings of complex manifolds constrained along fibres

Bui, The Anh; Duong, Xuan Thinh
Laguerre operator and its associated weighted Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces

Burton, Benjamin
The cusped hyperbolic census is complete

Cacciatori, S.; Dalla Piazza, F.; Scotti, A.
Compact Lie groups: Euler constructions and generalized Dyson conjecture

Cao, Jun; Chang, Der-Chen; Yang, Dachun; Yang, Sibei
Riesz transform characterizations of Musielak-Orlicz-Hardy spaces

Caraballo, David
Existence of surface energy minimizing partitions of $\mathbb{R}^n$ satisfying volume constraints

Castillo, Jes\'us; Ferenczi, Valentin; Gonz\'alez, Manuel
Singular twisted sums generated by complex interpolation

Catino, G.; Mastrolia, P.; Monticelli, D.; Rigoli, M.
Analytic and geometric properties of generic Ricci solitons

Cianchi, Andrea; Pick, Lubo\v s
Optimal Sobolev trace embeddings

Climenhaga, Vaughn; Thompson, Daniel; Yamamoto, Kenichiro
Large deviations for systems with non-uniform structure

Collin, Pascal; Hauswirth, Laurent; Mazet, Laurent; Rosenberg, Harold
Minimal surfaces in finite volume noncompact hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Costin, O.; Costin, R.; Huang, M.
Asymptotically conserved quantities for nonlinear ODEs and connection formulae

Cox, Graham; Jones, Christopher; Latushkin, Yuri; Sukhtayev, Alim
The Morse and Maslov indices for multidimensional Schr\"odinger operators with matrix-valued potentials

Creutz, Darren; Peterson, Jesse
Stabilizers of ergodic actions of lattices and commensurators

Dall'Ara, Gian Maria
Coercivity of weighted Kohn Laplacians: The case of model monomial weights in $\mathbb{C}^2$

Damanik, David; Goldstein, Michael; Lukic, Milivoje
A multi-scale analysis scheme on Abelian groups with an application to operators dual to Hill's equation

Darvas, Tam\'as; He, Weiyong
Geodesic rays and K\"ahler-Ricci trajectories on Fano manifolds

Dasgupta, Aparajita; Ruzhansky, Michael
Eigenfunction expansions of ultradifferentiable functions and ultradistributions

Demers, Mark; Fernandez, Bastien
Escape rates and singular limiting distributions for intermittent maps with holes

Dilworth, S.; Kutzarova, Denka; Randrianarivony, N.
The transfer of property $(\beta)$ of Rolewicz by a uniform quotient map

Ding, Wei; Lu, Guozhen
Duality of multi-parameter Triebel-Lizorkin spaces associated with the composition of two singular integral operators

Ding, Yanheng; Xu, Tian
Concentrating patterns of reaction-diffusion systems: A variational approach

Dong, Xin-Han; Lau, Ka-Sing; Wu, Hai-Hua
Cauchy transforms of self-similar measures: Starlikeness and univalence

Drinovec Drnov\v sek, Barbara; Forstneri\v c, Franc
Minimal hulls of compact sets in $\mathbb{R}^3$

Dung, Duong; Voll, Christopher
Uniform analytic properties of representation zeta functions of finitely generated nilpotent groups

D\'avila, Juan; Dupaigne, Louis; Wei, Juncheng
On the fractional Lane-Emden equation

Elias, Ben; Libedinsky, Nicolas
Indecomposable Soergel bimodules for universal Coxeter groups

Fayers, Matthew
The irreducible representations of the alternating group which remain irreducible in characteristic $p$

Gagliardi, Giuliano; Hofscheier, Johannes
The generalized Mukai conjecture for symmetric varieties

Garrig\'os, G.; Harzstein, S.; Signes, T.; Torrea, J.; Viviani, B.
Pointwise convergence to initial data of heat and Laplace equations

Gill, Nick
Transitive projective planes and insoluble groups

Goldstern, Martin; Shelah, Saharon
All creatures great and small

Golinskii, L.; Malamud, M.; Oridoroga, L.
Radial positive definite functions and Schoenberg matrices with negative eigenvalues

Gonz\'alez D'Le\'on, Rafael; Wachs, Michelle
On the (co)homology of the poset of weighted partitions

Gorsky, Eugene; Mazin, Mikhail; Vazirani, Monica
Affine permutations and rational slope parking functions

Halasi, Zolt\'an; Podoski, K\'aroly
Every coprime linear group admits a base of size two

Hamel, Fran\c cois; Rossi, Luca
Transition fronts for the Fisher-KPP equation

Hartglass, Michael; Penneys, David
C*-algebras from planar algebras I: Canonical C*-algebras associated to a planar algebra

Haydn, Nicolai; Nicol, Matthew; T\"or\"ok, Andrew; Vaienti, Sandro
Almost sure invariance principle for sequential and non-stationary dynamical systems

Hayes, Ben
Metric mean dimension for algebraic actions of sofic groups

Heiderich, Florian
Galois theory of Artinian simple module algebras

Heiermann, Volker; Kim, Yeansu
On the generic local Langlands correspondence for GSpin groups

Heo, Yaryong; Hong, Sunggeum; Yang, Chan
Maximal operators associated with some singular submanifolds

Huang, Xiaojun; Li, Xiaoshan
$\overline\partial$-equation on a lunar domain with mixed boundary conditions

Hubery, Andrew
Irreducible components of quiver Grassmannians

Hwang, DongSeon; Park, Jinhyung
Cox rings of rational surfaces and redundant blow-ups

H\'eriveaux, C.; Paul, T.
Recovering the Hamiltonian from spectral data

Ismail, Mourad; Zhang, Ruiming
On some $2D$ orthgonal $q$-polynomials

Ito, Masahiko; Forrester, Peter
A bilateral extension of the $q$-Selberg integral

Jakobsen, Mads; Lemvig, Jakob
Reproducing formulas for generalized translation invariant systems on locally compact abelian groups

Jiao, Yong; Wu, Lian; Yang, Anming; Yi, Rui
The predual and John-Nirenberg inequalities on generalized BMO martingale spaces

Jun, Byungheup; Lee, Jungyun
Special values of partial zeta functions of real quadratic fields at nonpositive integers and Euler-Maclaurin formula

J\"ager, T.; Keller, G.
Random minimality and continuity of invariant graphs in random dynamical systems

Kabluchko, Zakhar; Zaporozhets, Dmitry
Intrinsic volumes of Sobolev balls with applications to Brownian convex hulls

Kamimoto, Joe; Nose, Toshihiro
Newton polyhedra and weighted oscillatory integrals with smooth phases

Kazalicki, Matija; Scholl, Anthony
Modular forms, de Rham cohomology and congruences

Keum, Jonghae
A vanishing theorem on fake projective planes with enough automorphisms

Kevei, P\'eter; V\'{\i}gh, Viktor
On the diminishing process of B\'alint T\'oth

Kim, Jeong Han; Lee, Choongbum; Lee, Joonkyung
Two approaches to Sidorenko's conjecture

Kim, Panki; Song, Renming; Vondra\v{c}ek, Zoran
Minimal thinness with respect to symmetric L\'evy processes

Kinyon, Michael; Kunen, Kenneth; Phillips, J.; Vojt\v{e}chovsk\'{y}, Petr
The structure of automorphic loops

Klagsbrun, Zev
Selmer ranks of quadratic twists of elliptic curves with partial rational two-torsion

Kosovali\'c, N.; Chen, Y.; Wu, J.
Algebraic-delay differential systems: $C^0$-extendable submanifolds and linearization

Kupers, Alexander; Miller, Jeremy; Tran, TriThang
Homological stability for symmetric complements

Lai, Chun-Kit; Lau, Ka-Sing; Rao, Hui
Classification of tile digit sets as product-forms

Liang, Chao; Liao, Gang; Sun, Wenxiang; Tian, Xueting
Variational equalities of entropy in nonuniformly hyperbolic systems

Liebeck, Martin; O'Brien, E.
Recognition of finite exceptional groups of Lie type

Lim, Tau Shean; Zlato\v s, Andrej
Transition fronts for inhomogeneous Fisher-KPP reactions and non-local diffusion

Liu, Jian-Guo; Pego, Robert
On generating functions of Hausdorff moment sequences

Liu, L.; Shiga, H.; Su, W.; Zhong, Y.
Almost-isometry between the Teichm\"uller metric and the length-spectrum metric on reduced moduli space for surfaces with boundary

Liu, Zhengwei
Exchange relation planar algebras of small rank

Li, Baokui; Wang, Yuefei
Fundamental theorem of geometry without the surjective assumption

Lopez-Abad, J.; Tradacete, P.
Bases of random unconditional convergence in Banach spaces

L\"u, J.-F.; Mao, X.-F.; Zhang, J.
Nakayama automorphism and applications

Mai, JieHua; Shi, Enhui
Structures of quasi-graphs and $\omega$-limit sets of quasi-graph maps

Marberg, Eric
Strong forms of self-duality for Hopf monoids in species

Maridakis, Manousos
Spinor pairs and the concentration principle for Dirac operators

Masuoka, Akira; Shibata, Taiki
Algebraic supergroups and Harish-Chandra pairs over a commutative ring

Mazorchuk, Volodymyr; Miemietz, Vanessa
Transitive $2$-representations of finitary $2$-categories

Mongodi, Samuele; Tomassini, Giuseppe
$1$-complete semiholomorphic foliations

Mori, Izuru; Ueyama, Kenta
Ample group action on AS-regular algebras and noncommutative graded isolated singularities

Nakanishi, Tomoki; Stella, Salvatore
Wonder of sine-Gordon $Y$-systems

Neufeld, Ariel; Nutz, Marcel
Nonlinear L\'evy processes and their characteristics

Ning, Jiafu; Zhang, Huiping; Zhou, Xiangyu
Proper holomorphic mappings between invariant domains in $\mathbb{C}^n$

Pesin, Y.; Senti, S.; Zhang, K.
Thermodynamics of towers of hyperbolic type

Powell, Alexander; Spaeth, Anneliese
Nonnegativity constraints for structured complete systems

Raicu, Claudiu
Characters of equivariant $\mathcal{D}$-modules on Veronese cones

Reguera, Maria Carmen; Tolsa, Xavier
Riesz transforms of non-integer homogeneity on uniformly disconnected sets

Ren, Guangbin; Wang, Xieping
Julia theory for slice regular functions

Reyes, Manuel; Rogalski, Daniel; Zhang, James
Skew Calabi-Yau triangulated categories and Frobenius Ext-algebras

Sanders, Andrew
Domains of discontinuity for almost-Fuchsian groups

Seo, Ihyeok
From resolvent estimates to unique continuation for the Schr\"odinger equation

Sezer, M\"ufit; Shank, R.
Rings of invariants for modular representations of the Klein four group

Shiraishi, Daisuke
Random walk on non-intersecting two-sided random walk trace is subdiffusive in low dimensions

Smoczyk, Knut; Tsui, Mao-Pei; Wang, Mu-Tao
Curvature decay estimates of graphical mean curvature flow in higher codimensions

St\"abler, Axel
$V$-filtrations in positive characteristic and test modules

Swanepoel, Konrad
Sets of unit vectors with small subset sums

Traizet, Martin
Opening nodes on horosphere packings

Treumann, David
Morse theory and toric vector bundles

van Roosmalen, Adam-Christiaan
Numerically finite hereditary categories with Serre duality

Wong, Wei Pin
Heights and the specialization map for families of elliptic curves over $\mathbb{P}^n$

Yong, Jiongmin
Linear-quadratic optimal control problems for mean-field stochastic differential equations--Time-consistent solutions

Zarhin, Yuri
Two-dimensional families of hyperelliptic jacobians with big monodromy

Zhang, De-Qi
$n$-dimensional projective varieties with the action of an abelian group of rank $n-1$

Zhu, Yujun
Entropy formula for random $\mathbb{Z}^k$-actions

\v Spakula, J\'an; Willett, Rufus
A metric approach to limit operators

\v S\v tov\'{\i}\v cek, Jan; Posp\'{\i}\v sil, David
On compactly generated torsion pairs and the classification of co-$t$-structures for commutative noetherian rings

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