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Resources for displaced mathematiciansLinks to efforts, actions, statements, and resources

Many AMS members have contacted us about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The AMS is working with other scientific professional societies on how the international mathematics community can best serve the Ukrainian mathematics community. We are also working to understand how US sanctions on the Government of Russia may impact our engagement with mathematicians in Russia, and how we can support colleagues in Russia who are being threatened for criticizing the invasion. On this page, we are compiling links to efforts, actions and resources in the hope that you will find them helpful.

The Council of the American Mathematical Society unanimously approved the following statement: The American Mathematical Society (AMS) strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is deeply disturbed by the resulting humanitarian crisis. We are extremely concerned for the safety and well-being of the Ukrainian people, including members of its large mathematics community and their families. The AMS stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and joins with the many voices around the world calling for an immediate halt to these hostilities and violations of international law.

The AMS recognizes that many Russian people, including many mathematicians, do not support the invasion. Some are bravely protesting in the face of persecution and suppression of dissent in Russia. Our thoughts are with all the people of Ukraine, as well as those who risk their freedom to support them.




#ScienceForUkraine volunteers are collecting and disseminating information about 1) paid positions, 2) academic transfers, and 3) temporary accommodations at the university, national, and international level for graduate students and researchers (in any field) directly affiliated with an academic institution in Ukraine. Please submit information and spread the word.

ALLEA-Breakthrough Prize Foundation

All European Academies (ALLEA) is partnering with the Breakthrough Prize Foundation to support scholars and scientific institutions impacted by the war in Ukraine. Their European Fund for Displaced Scientists program is set to launch this spring and will provide funding to academic institutions in Europe to host displaced scholars. The initiative will also benefit affected Ukrainian universities, academies, and research institutes in maintaining their operations and rebuilding their scientific facilities and research collaborations.


This European Commission portal pulls together information and support services for researchers in Ukraine and those fleeing the Russian invasion of the country, in a coordinated EU action. The portal offers help with finding housing, job opportunities and recognition of education qualifications. It lists support and information from 30 European countries, non-governmental groups and EU-level initiatives. Ukrainian language is enabled on the page.

German Mathematical Society (DMV)

The German Mathematical Society (DMV) aims to support mathematicians from Ukraine at all stages in their career who might consider a visiting position, scholarship or other forms of scientific long-term stays in Germany. In cooperation with Mathematics Münster, applications from mathematicians from Ukraine and offers from German mathematical institutions will be coordinated via this website.

International Centre for Mathematics in Ukraine (ICMU)

A new international centre for mathematics is being founded in Ukraine, with the involvement of some of the world's top mathematicians and the approval of the Ukrainian government. It is supported by National Research Foundation of Ukraine.

IIE Scholar Rescue Fund

The Institute of International Education (IIE) Scholar Rescue Fund is encouraging applications from professors and researchers facing threats to their lives or careers. Fellowships support temporary academic positions at universities and other higher education institutions anywhere in the world where the scholars can continue their academic work in safety. Learn more and apply.

ILAS Grant Program

International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS) created a Grant Program in support of Mathematicians working in Linear Algebra affected by conflicts. Prompted by events in different countries, ILAS launched a pilot program to assist researchers in Mathematics with connections to Linear Algebra around the world who are affected by wars, oppression, or persecution. The objective is to provide up to a $1000 grant to each applicant selected by the ILAS Board of Directors so that they can continue pursuing their mathematical activities. Applications are open to researchers in Mathematics at all levels, from graduate students to senior faculty.

International Science Council (ISC)

The ISC has four offerings: 1) an international list of Statements, Offers of Assistance, and Resources for Ukrainian mathematicians; 2) results of a survey of Ukrainian scientists on what they need to keep working; 3) a call to ISC members to offer assistance in line with the survey results; and 4) a call to sign the Science in Exile Declaration.

Isaac Newton Institute Solidarity List

The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (United Kingdom) has created a solidarity list to connect individuals and institutions wishing to help those who are urgently in need. You can indicate whatever aid you are able to offer provision of office space, subsistence, housing, short-term fellowships/positions, etc.

Joint CRM-ISM Initiative in Support of Mathematicians in Distress

The Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM) and the Institut des sciences mathématiques (ISM) are offering a program in support of mathematicians in distress due to war, oppression, and persecution. The objective is to provide a temporary safe haven to international researchers in mathematical and statistical sciences, so that they can continue pursuing their high-quality research and training goals in a secure and welcoming environment. Applications are open to researchers at all levels, from graduate students to senior faculty.

Mathematics Visiting Positions and Graduate School

A group of North American mathematicians have created a form for displaced Ukrainian mathematicians of any career stage to register their interest in finding employment or study opportunities in mathematics departments in the US and Canada. If you know of any refugee mathematicians from Ukraine, or of someone who might have a connection to them, please direct them to the form.


Na'amal partners with leading organizations to support refugees and other underrepresented communities through skills training, mentorship and remote work placement opportunities.

National Academies of Science Safe Passage Fund

To assist the many displaced scientists in continuing their work in safety, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has launched the Safe Passage Fund to support the Polish Academy of Sciences as it helps fleeing Ukrainian researchers and their families resettle in Poland. Please donate to the Safe Passage Fund.


Research4Life publisher partners, including the AMS, are providing Ukrainian academic institutions free access to their materials. This includes AMS mathematics journals.

Special Response Fund for Trainees (Ukraine)

A limited-time Special Response Fund for Trainees (Ukraine), or SRFT-Ukraine, to initiate or maintain the employment or financial support – via stipend or salary – of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are directly impacted by the crisis in Ukraine. Created by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Support can be requested for a period of up to 12 months.

World Education Services (WES) Gateway Program

The WES Gateway Program assesses the educational credentials of individuals who have limited proof of their academic achievements due to adverse circumstances in their country or territory of education. A WES credential evaluation report can help eligible individuals continue their education, become licensed in their field, or take the next step on their career pathway in Canada. The program is available to individuals educated in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela, who meet program requirements.

As well, please also refer to these extensive resource lists:

Help for Displaced Ukrainian Mathematicians, coordinated in part by faculty at The Ohio State University

Resources for Displaced Mathematicians, Terence Tao's collection of resources on his blog.