Forthcoming Papers

The 3rd issue of volume 1 will be devoted to the 70th anniversary of R.A.Minlos.

Here is a list of some articles to appear in this issue.

M. Blank. Perron--Frobenius Spectrum for Random Maps and its Approximation.

P. Bleher, J. Ruiz, R. Schonmann, S. Shlosman, and V. Zagrebnov. Rigidity of the Critical Phases on a Cayley Tree.

C. Boldrighini and A. Pellegrinotti. $T^{-1/4}$-Noise for Random Walks in Dynamic Environment on $\mathbb{Z}$.

E. Dinaburg and Ya. Sinai. Quasi-Linear Approximation of Navier--Stokes 3D-System.

C. Maes, F. Redig, and M. Verschuere. From Global to Local Fluctuation Theorems.

A. Vershik and Yu. Yakubovich. Limit Shape and Fluctuations of Random Partitions.

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