Forthcoming Papers

Here is a list of some articles to appear in the nearest issues of MMJ.

D. Akhiezer and P. Panyushev. Multiplicities in Branching Rules and Complexity of Homogeneous Spaces.

S. Arkhipov. Semi-Infinite Cohomology of Tate Lie Algebras.

S. Artemov and T. Yavorskaya. On First Order Logic of Proofs.

R. Fedorov. Lower Bounds for the Number of Orbital Topological Types of Planar Polynomial Vector Fields ``Modulo Limit Cycles''.

A. Givental. Gromov—Witten Invariants and Quantization of Quadratic Hamiltonians.

B. Gurevich and S. Katok. Topological Entropy Estimates for Positive Geodesic Flow on Modular Surface.

G. Jones and A. Zvonkine. Orbits of Braid Groups on Cacti.

N. Nadirashvili. An Application of Potential Analysis to Minimal Surfaces.

O. Sheinman. Casimirs of Second Order for Affine Krichever—Novikov Algebras $\widehat{\mathfrak{gl}}_{g,2}$ and $\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}}_{g,2}$.

M. Tsfasman and S. Vlăduț. Asymptotic Properties of Global Fields and the Generalized Brauer—Siegel Theorem.

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