Forthcoming Papers

Here is a list of some articles to appear in the nearest issues of MMJ.

D. Akhiezer and P. Panyushev. Multiplicities in the Branching Rules and the Complexity of Homogeneous Spaces.

S. Arkhipov. Semi-Infinite Cohomology of Tate Lie Algebras.

R. Coquereaux. Notes on the Quantum Tetrahedron.

B. H. Gross. Unramified Reciprocal Polynomial and Coxeter Decompositions.

G. Jones and A. Zvonkin. Orbits of Braid Groups on Cacti.

J. de Jong. Counting Elliptic Surfaces over Finite Fields.

S. T. Dougherty and M. M. Skriganov. MacWilliams Duality and the Rosenbloom—Tsfasman Metric.

J. Hilgert, A. Pasquale, and E. Vinberg. The Dual Horospherical Radon Transform for Polynomials.

A. Khovanskii and O. Gelfond. Toric Geometry and Grothendieck Residues.

E. Materov. The Bott Formula for Toric Varieties.

A. Pantchichkine. A New Method of Constructing p-adic L-functions Associated with Modular Forms.

S. Tabachnikov. Ellipsoids, Complete Integrability and Hyperbolic Geometry.

M. Tsfasman and S. Vlăduț. Infinite Global Fields and the Generalized Brauer—Siegel Theorem.

Yu. Zarhin. Very Simple 2-adic Representations and Hyperelliptic Jacobians.

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