R. L. Dobrushin

Roland Lvovich Dobrushin

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Roland Dobrushin—one of the founders of the Independent University of Moscow www.mccme.ru/ium. It contains papers of those who knew Dobrushin personally, and who were influenced by his results, his scientific interests, and his research style. His impact is still strongly felt in modern mathematics; his papers are cited in thousands of articles on probability theory, mathematical physics, and information theory. Many papers of R.L. Dobrushin are available at www.dobrushin.org.

Another result of his activity, which bears the stamp of his strong personality, is the Laboratory of the Institute of the Information Transmission Problem (now called Dobrushin Mathematical Laboratory), with its unique spirit of scientific enthusiasm. Now this is a very active research center with about sixty permanent researchers including several world-leading mathematicians. This lab attracts many international visitors. Its current activity and recollections of its members about Roland Dobrushin can be found at www.iitp.ru/ru/about/dobrushin.

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