Forthcoming Papers

I. Bogaevsky. New Singularities and Perestroikas of Fronts of Linear Waves.

S. Bogaty, D. Goncalves, E. Kudryavtseva, and H. Zieschang. On the Wecken Property for the Root Problem of Mappings Between Surfaces.

E. Brieskorn, A. Pratoussevitch, and F. Rothenhausler. The Combinatorial Geometry of Singularities and Arnold's Series E, Z, Q.

S. Chmutov. An Integral Generalization of the Gusein-Zade—Natanzon Theorem.

Y. Drozd, G.-M. Greuel, and I. Kashuba. On Cohen—Macaulay Modules of Surface Singularities.

I. Dynnikov and S. Novikov. Geometry of the Triangle Equation on Two-Manifolds.

W. Ebeling and S. Gusein-Zade. Indices of 1-forms on an Isolated Complete Intersection Singularity.

P. Etingof and S. Gelaki. The Classification of Finite-Dimensional Triangular Hopf Algebras over an Algebraically Closed Field of Characteristic 0.

B. Feigin, J. Hong, and T. Miwa. A Construction of Level 1 Irreducible Modules for Uq(\widehat sp4) Using Level 2 Intertwiners for Uq(\widehat sl2).

G. Felder, L. Stevens, and A. Varchenko. Modular Transformations of the Elliptic Hypergeometric Functions, Macdonald Polynomials, and the Shift Operator.

G. Felder and A. P. Veselov. Action of Coxeter Groups on m-Harmonic Polynomials and KZ-Equations.

V. Goryunov and V. Zakalyukin. Simple Symmetric Matrix Singularities and Subgroups of Weyl Groups Am, Dm, Em.

B. Helffer, T. Hoffmann-Ostenhof, and N. Nadirashvili. Periodic Schrödinger Operators and Aharonov—Bohm Hamiltonians.

G. Laptev. Nonexistence of Global Solutions for Higher-Order Evolution Inequalities in Unbounded Cone-Like Domains.

V. Luntz and M. Larsen. Motivic Measures and Stable Birational Geometry.

S. Natanzon. Effectivisation of a String Solution of 2D Toda Hierarchy and Riemann Theorem about Complex Domains.

A. Odesskii. Local Action of the Symmetric Group and the Twisted Yang—Baxter Relation.

J. Rebelo and R. Silva. The Multiple Ergodicity of Non-Discrete Subgroups of Diffω(S1).

S. Ryom-Hansen. A q-Analogue of Kempf's Vanishing Theorem.

M. Sevryuk. The Classical KAM Theory at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century.

I. Scherbak and A. Varchenko. Critical Points of Functions, sl2 Representations, and Fuchsian Differential Equations with Only Univalued Solutions.

M. Schlichenmaier. Hicher Genus Affine Algebras of Krichever—Novikov Type.

D. Siersma and M. Tibar. Deformations of Polynomials, Boundary Singularities and Monodromy.

V. Vassiliev. Spaces of Hermitian Operators with Simple Spectra and Their Finite-Order Cohomology.

V. Vologodsky. Hodge Structure on the Fundamental Group and its Application to p-Adic Integration.

V. Yudovich. Eleven Great Problems of Mathematical Hydrodynamics.

R. Yuncken. Regular Tessellations of the Hyperbolic Plane by Fundamental Domains of a Fuchsian Group.

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