Forthcoming Papers

Here is a list of some articles to appear in the nearest issues of MMJ.

J. Bernstein and A. Reznikov. Estimates of Automorphic Functions

E. Bierstone and P. Milman. Desingularization Algorithms I. Role of Exceptional Divisors

I. Bogaevsky. New Singularities and Perestroikas of Fronts of Linear Waves

S. Bogaty, D. Gonçalves, E. Kudryavtseva, and H. Zieschang. On the Wecken Property for the Root Problem of Mappings Between Surfaces

H. Bursztyn and A. Weinstein. Picard Groups in Poisson Geometry

H. Cendra, J. Marsden, S. Pekarsky, and T. Ratiu. Variational Principles for Lie—Poisson and Hamilton—Poincaré Equations

S. Chmutov. An Integral Generalization of the Gusein-Zade—Natanzon Theorem

V. Drinfeld. On the Notion of Geometric Realization

S. Duzhin. Decomposable Skew-Symmetric Functions

B. Feigin, J. Hong, and T. Miwa. A Construction of Level 1 Irreducible Modules for Uq(sp^4) Using Level 2 Intertwiners for Uq(sl^2).

G. Felder and A. Veselov. Action of Coxeter Groups on m-Harmonic Polynomials and KZ Equations

D. Foata and G.-N. Han. Une Nouvelle Transformation pour les Statistiques Euler—Mahoniennes Ensemblistes

J. Guckenheimer and Y. Xiang. Defining Equations for Bifurcations and Singularities

M. Kashiwara. T-Structures on the Derived Categories of Holonomic D-Modules and Coherent O-Modules

V. Kharlamov and F. Sottile. Maximally Inflected Real Rational Curves

B. Khesin. Topology and Geometry of Higher Helicities

A. Khovanskii and D. Novikov. L-Convex-Concave Sets in Real Projective Space and L-Duality

Yu. Manin. Moduli Stacks ¯Lg,S

A. Neishtadt. On Averading in Two-Frequency Systems with Small Hamiltonian and Much Smaller Non-Hamiltonian Perturbations.

S. Orevkov and E. Shustin. Pseudoholomorphic Algebraically Unrealizable Curves

F. Patras and C. Reutenauer. On Descent Algebras and Twisted Bialgebras

C. Peters and J. Steenbrink. Degeneration of the Leray Spectral Sequence for Certain Geometric Quotients

M. Schlichenmaier. Hicher Genus Affine Algebras of Krichever—Novikov Type

V. Sedykh. On the Topology of Singularities of Maxwell Sets

M. Sevryuk. The classical KAM theory at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century

Ya. Sinai. Uniform Distribution in the (3x+1)-Problem

V. Vassiliev. Spaces of Hermitian Operators with Simple Spectra and their Finite-Order Cohomology

A. Vershik. Strange Factor Representations of Type \amalg1, and Pairs of Dual Dynamical Systems.

Y. Yomdin. The Centre Problem for the Abel Equation, Compositions of Functions, and Moment Conditions

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