Forthcoming Papers

Here is a list of some articles to appear in the nearest issues of MMJ.

A. Beilinson, I. MirkoviŠ, and R. Bezrukavnikov. Tilting Exercises

J. Bernstein and A. Reznikov. Estimates of Automorphic Functions

M. Briskin and Y. Yomdin. Tangential Hilbert Problem for Abel Equation

V. Drinfeld. On the Notion of Geometric Realization

E. Frenkel. Opers on the Projective Line, Flag Manifolds and Bethe Ansatz

D. Fuchs and T. Ishkhanov. Invariants of Legendrian Knots and Decompositions of Front Diagrams

W. L. Gan and V. Ginzburg. Hamiltonian Reduction and Maurer–Cartan Equations

M. Jimbo, T. Miwa, and Y. Takeyama. Counting Minimal Form Factors of the Restricted sine-Gordon Model

M. Kashiwara. t-Structures on the Derived Categories of Holonomic D-Modules and Coherent O-Modules

S. Katok and I. Ugarcovici. Geometrically Markov Geodesics on the Modular Surface

K. Khanin, D. Khemelev, and A. Sobolevskii. On Velocities of Lagrangian Minimizers

G. Lusztig. Parabolic Character Sheaves, II

P. Sherman and A. Zelevinsky. Positivity and Canonical Bases in Rank 2 Cluster Algebras of Finite and Affine Types

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