Forthcoming Papers

Here is a list of some articles to appear in the nearest issues of MMJ.

S. Anisov. Exact Values of Complexity for an Infinite Series of 3-Manifolds

V. Buchstaber and A. Lazarev. The Gelfand Transform in Commutative Algebra

Y. Bugeaud and M. Laurent. On Exponents of Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Diophantine Approximation

B. Enriquez and V. Rubtsov. Quantization of the Hitchin and Beauville–Mukai Integrable Systems

P. Etingof and S. Gelaki. On Radically Graded Finite-Dimensional Quasi-Hopf Algebras

T. Ito and B. Scardua. On Holomorphic Foliations Transverse to Spheres

T. Kappeler, S. Kuksin, and V. Schroeder. Poincaré Inequalities for Maps with Target Manifold of Negative Curvature

S. Oblezin. Isomonodromic Deformations of the sl(2) Fuchsian Systems on the Riemann Sphere

V. Rotger, A. Skorobogatov, and A. Yafaev. On the Hasse Principle for Atkin–Lehner Quotients of Shimura Curves

S. Slavnov. On completeness of Dynamic Topological Logic

A. Zykin. The Brauer–Siegel and Tsfasman–Vlăduţ Theorems for Almost Normal Extensions of Number Fields

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