M. A. Tsfasman

Mikhail A. Tsfasman

Our dear colleague and friend Mikhail Tsfasman turned fifty in July 2004, and we are dedicating the current issue of MMJ to this event.

Misha Tsfasman is widely known for his research in Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry, and their applications. Misha's mathematical works are always highly original and reflect the broadness and deepness of his thinking. His well-known papers on constructing error-correcting codes from algebraic varieties (especially curves) over finite fields contain a deep exploration of these codes and their many remarkable properties. He has designed numerous ingenious constructions of lattices using algebraic geometry and number theory tools. His studies on the problem of determining the number of rational points on algebraic varieties over finite fields have produced spectacular results. This research culminated in a version of the theory of infinite global fields (a theory yet to be developed!), as opposed to the usual theory of global fields finitely generated over a prime field. This theory may well be the beginning of a whole new branch of Number Theory.

In the last decade, Misha has given much of his time and energy to teaching and promoting mathematical research, especially via international collaboration.

Currently he is the Vice-President for Research of the Independent University of Moscow, where the level of teaching mathematics conforms to the highest international standards. He heads the Moscow Mathematical Journal as its Editor-in-Chief and has also organized the IUM general seminar «Globus», aiming at restoring the unity of mathematics. He was one of the main founders, and presently Director, of the Poncelet French–Russian Mathematics Laboratory.

We wish Misha many years of fruitful research, both of his own and of his students, which he could be happy about.

Yu. Ilyashenko, S. Lando, Yu. Manin, N. Nadirashvili,
S. Shlosman, A. Sossinsky, S. Vlăduț

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