AMS Development Committee

The AMS Development Committee identifies funding priorities at the AMS and oversees the gift acceptance process. Committee members engage in early discussions with individuals who would like to establish new prizes and other special gifts. In matters pertaining to philanthropy, the Development Committee represents the AMS Executive Committee and Board of Trustees (ECBT). Through their giving, AMS donors become active partners in advancing mathematical research and scholarship globally and locally. The ECBT and Development Committee are grateful for our donors’ generosity and enduring commitment.

2017 Development Committee

all members of this committee serve ex officio

Development Committee Chair

Professor Karen Vogtmann
Cornell University and University of Warwick

AMS President

Professor Kenneth A. Ribet
University of California, Berkeley

AMS Secretary

Professor Carla D. Savage
North Carolina State University

AMS Treasurer

Professor Jane M. Hawkins
University of North Carolina

AMS Board of Trustees Member

Professor Robert K. Lazarsfeld
Stony Brook University

AMS Executive Director

Dr. Catherine A. Roberts
American Mathematical Society

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