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Prizes & Awards

Help recognize outstanding work that advances the mathematical sciences.  Make a gift

What can you accomplish by giving to an AMS Prize or Award?

  • Provide important focus on specific research areas
  • Honor legacies of scholarship
  • Encourage excellence in mathematics
  • Keep the public standing of the profession high
Collage of AMS Prize Winners

AMS Prize winners, clockwise from top left: Lillian Pierce (Joan and Joseph Birman Fellow), Dennis Gaitsgory (Chevalley Prize in Lie Theory), Yitang Zhang (Cole Prize in Number Theory), Ingrid Daubechies (Steele Prize for Seminal Contribution to Research, Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition, Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize), Women and Mathematics Program (WAM) at the Institute for Advanced Study (Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference Award)

Gifts in any amount can be directed to an existing prize or award endowment, and provide an excellent way to honor a scholar or a particular area of study.

To endow a new prize, please contact Douglas Allen, Director of Development by email or at (401) 455-4126.

Photo credits top row L-R: Duke Photography; Dennis Gaitsgory; MacArthur Foundation;
Bottom row L-R: Andrea Kane; David von Becker