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Giving Stocks and Securities

Gifts of securities (stocks, bonds, and most mutual fund shares) can often provide tax advantages; you generally receive a deduction for the full fair-market value of the security, plus avoid potential capital-gain taxes.

Gift of Securities via Broker

To make a gift of securities from a brokerage account, please direct your broker to transfer the securities to the American Mathematical Society. (Note: do not sell the stocks; just transfer them to the AMS in order to get the tax advantage.)

Your broker will need the following information to complete the transfer:


DTC #0062
Account #74774729
for the benefit of the American Mathematical Society
Federal Tax ID #05-0264797

Note: It is important to let the AMS know your name, the name of the stock, the number of shares being transferred, and also the date of the transfer. Our fiscal office can then watch for its arrival and credit you accordingly for the gift.

For securities held in certificate form or for mutual fund shares, please email or call Douglas Allen, Director of Development at (401) 455-4126 to make arrangements.

Valuation and Date of Gift

The value of your gift is the average of its high and low prices on the date you make your gift. Your gift is considered made on the date the securities pass unconditionally from your control. For securities mailed, it is the date of mailing.