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AMS Hosts Congressional Briefing

The AMS hosted a Congressional briefing presented by Mark L. Green, professor emeritus at the University of California-LosAngeles, and held on December 11, 2013 in Washington, DC.  His presentation entitled "How Math Fuels the Knowledge Economy" discussed how the role of the mathematical sciences has expanded dramatically in recent years.  He illustrated this expansion by providing examples drawn from the dynamic and rapidly growing driver of American prosperity, the knowledge economy -- including internet startups, biotech, film production, computer games and individualized medicine.

Professor Green's presentation was based on results from a recent National Academies/National Research Council study, "Fueling Innovation and Discovery: The Mathematical Sciences in 2025."  The report describes the many contributions of the mathematical sciences to our technologically advanced society and how it permeates virtually every aspect of the modern world.


Prof. Mark Green speaking to Congressional representatives Prof. Mark Green presents Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill.

The AMS holds annual congressional briefings as a means to communicate information to policymakers.  Speakers discuss the importance of mathematics research and present their work in layman's terms to Congressional staff as a way to inform Members of Congress of how mathematics impacts today's important issues.

Other Congressional Briefings:

Beginning in 2017, the AMS is partnering with MSRI to organize and host bi-annual briefings; prior to 2017, the AMS hosted annual briefings.