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The American Mathematical Society's Grassroots Advocacy Network seeks to increase federal funding for basic scientific research and education in the USA.  The network's Grassroots Leaders are kept abreast of critical scientific funding issues and are encouraged to build relationships with their Congressional representatives in an effort to convey the importance of significant federal research investment to U.S. competitiveness and technological innovation.

Resources for Grassroots Leaders:
♦  NSF Award Summary by State
♦  NSF FY 2009 Budget Request
♦  DOE Office of Science FY 2009 Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) Funding Profile
♦  NSF FY 2009 Budget Request Comparison
♦  Guide to Effective Meetings with Members of Congress
♦  FY2009 Leave Behind Statement
♦  Talking Points
♦  Example of State/Local Specific Impacts on NSF Supported Research 
♦  AMS Mathematical Moments
♦  Analysis of the Mathematical Sciences in the FY2009 Budget
♦  House Dear Colleague Letter on FY 2009 Budget
♦  Senate Dear Colleague Letter on FY 2009 Budget

♦  NSF Budget Comparison
♦  NSF-DMS Budget Comparison
♦  DOE Office of Science Budget Comparison
♦  NSF Budget by Directorate
♦  Trends in Basic Research by Agency

♦  FY2009 NSF Budgets
♦  Office of Science Budgets

Sample Letters:
♦  Sample Meeting Request Letter
♦  Sample Thank You Letter

Congressional Webpages:
♦  How to Contact Your Member of Congress
♦  United States Senate
♦  United States House of Representatives


 AMS Grassroots Advocacy Network 


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