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Delbert Ray Fulkerson Prize

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The Fulkerson Prize is awarded for outstanding papers in the area of discrete mathematics. The term "discrete mathematics" is interpreted broadly and is intended to include graph theory, networks, mathematical programming, applied combinatorics, applications of discrete mathematics to computer science, and related subjects.

About this Prize

Originally, the prizes were paid out of a memorial fund administered by the AMS that was established by friends of the late Delbert Ray Fulkerson (1924-1976) to encourage mathematical excellence in the fields of research exemplified by his work. The prizes are now funded by an endowment administered by the Mathematical Optimization Society.

This award is sponsored jointly by the Mathematical Optimization Society (formerly the Mathematical Programming Society)  and the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Up to three awards of US$1500 are presented at each (triennial) International Symposium of the MPS. Eligible papers should represent the final publication of the main result(s) and should have been published in a recognized journal or in a comparable, well-refereed volume intended to publish final publications only, during the six calendar years preceding the year of the Symposium. The prizes will be given for single papers, not series of papers or books, and in the event of joint authorship the prize will be divided.

Most Recent Prize: 2018

The 2018 Delbert Ray Fulkerson Prize was awarded to Peter Allen, Julia B÷ttcher, Simon Griffiths, Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Robert Morris for "The chromatic thresholds of graphs", Adv. Math. 235, 261-295 (2013). It was also awarded to Thomas Rothvo▀ for " The Matching Polytope has Exponential Extension Complexity.", J. ACM 64(6): 41:1-41:19 (2017).

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Next Prize:  July 2021

Nomination Deadline:  15 February 2021

Nomination Procedure: 

To nominate a candidate, submit a letter of nomination (including reference to the nominated article and an evaluation of the work) to the chair of the committee. Electronic submissions to are preferred.

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