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Yitang Zhang Receives Schock Prize

Yitang Zhang of the University of New Hampshire, whose work on prime gaps stunned the mathematical world last year, has been awarded the 2014 Rolf Schock Prize in Mathematics. The prize, worth 600,000 Swedish crowns (approximately US$93,000), is presented by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts. A news release says the academies honored Zhang "for his spectacular breakthrough concerning the possibility of an infinite number of twin primes". This year Zhang also received the AMS Cole Prize in Number Theory. His work built on that of Daniel Goldston, János Pintz, and Cem Yildirim, who shared the Cole Prize with Zhang. Erica Klarreich tells the story of Zhang's extraordinary work, and its later improvements, in two articles that appeared in Quanta Magazine (formerly Simons Science News): "Unheralded Mathematician Bridges the Prime Gap" and "Together and Alone, Closing the Prime Gap". (Photo: Lisa Nugent, University of New Hampshire Photographic Services.)